Persians have a new earner but it may not be legal

I’m hearing about Persians around Beverly Hills making a few bucks from this angle.

REPORT: “Authorities, who say these types of transactions happen frequently, began working last year to stop the increasing flow of high-end cars overseas. But they’ve run into a significant obstacle: What the exporters are doing may not be illegal — even if the government and the automakers don’t like it, and even if so-called straw buyers are sometimes deceptive.”

“Lawyers for exporters say the lack of criminal charges relative to the number of allegations authorities are making shows that the business model is fundamentally legal. Widlansky, the Florida lawyer, said exporting should be a matter between automakers and their dealers, or between dealers and customers who violate the no-export agreements that are a routine part of many luxury-car transactions. Some dealers have sued straw buyers after being penalized by a manufacturer.”

NYT: U.S. Targets Buyers of China-Bound Luxury Cars

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