Female Teacher In Israel Accused Of Having Sex With Her Teenage Student

I can’t imagine that the boy in this case has any complaints.

From YNETnews.com:

A female teacher in the town of Rehovot, south of Tel Aviv, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of engaging in sexual relations with a 17-year-old student. the teacher denied the claims during her interrogation, and the boy has been summoned to testify.

Police suspect that the English teacher, who is in her 30s, took the student to guest rooms and to the beach, and also bought him presents.

The teacher came under suspicion due to "inside information" received from within the school. Following the revelations, other students are being asked to come forward with information on the case.

Police intend to ask the courts to keep the teacher in custody until further information is received.
A similar case, also in Rehovot, was reported three years ago, when a substitute yeshiva teacher, 34-years-old and married, was arrested after having sexual relations with five students.

She admitted to the charges during questioning, after officers mentioned the names of the students.

 "I did it because of sexual urges," she said. "It was silly and I regret it."

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