The Spirit Of New Orleans Lives On In Texas!

It was just like this after Hurricane Katrina!


In Wimberley, Tex., people helped each other regroup after deadly storms damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes…

“Over the past few days, we’ve been absolutely amazed and overwhelmed at the generosity of others, even complete strangers,” Ms. Burke said. “This experience has strengthened our faith in God and in humanity.”

Survivors are struggling to salvage what they can, and reminding themselves that these are only possessions, and that they are lucky to be alive.

“I guess it’s just a sign that it’s time for a change in my life,” Ms. Sweat said. “God said, ‘You have too much stuff.’”

…”It was probably the most horrible and amazing experience of my life,” she said. “We could not have gotten through that really painful year without the love and support of the community. We’ll do anything for anyone in town. We love this town.”

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