Where’s The Ring, John?

From the NY Post: "IS it over between John Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth? "The wedding band is missing," the Washington Post reported yesterday after covering a speech the cancer-stricken mother of two gave in DC on Monday night. Edwards, the former North Carolina senator who ran for president twice, finally acknowledged three months ago that he had an affair with campaign videographer Rielle Hunter. He denies he’s the father of Hunter’s baby girl, although he has been spotted visiting mother and child. A source said Edwards is no longer living with Elizabeth and that the couple have separated."

It is hard to have much sympathy for a woman who threw away all her dignity to support her cheating husband become president of the United States, and then leaves him when he fails.

Mickey Kaus wrote before John’s adultery went to the MSM:

We Ignored the Rielle Hunter Scandal and All We Got Was This Lousy Op-Ed! Elizabeth Edwards has a bushelful of chutzpah chastising the mainstream campaign press for its "shallow news coverage" after the mainstream campaign press cut her and her husband** a huge break on one of the great shallow stories of 2008–the mysterious Edwards Campaign Love Child (see link for claim of an Edwards aide that he is the father of the child, and various other denials).. …

P.S.: The E.C.L.C. must have been born by now, no? Tips gratefully accepted. …

P.P.S.: What was so exciting about Joe Biden’s health plan (which Mrs. Edwards thinks we should all have been told more about)? Couldn’t she have spared a paragraph in her double-length op-ed to explain its unique, cruelly-ignored genius? It doesn’t look so exciting to me. She could have steered me right. … Or, like the MSM, was she worried about boring her readers to death, preferring to talk about process issues? …

P.P.P.S.: Mrs. Edwards also complains that in 1954 the Army McCarthy hearings were televised, "but by only one network." Wasn’t one enough?

***–She describes him as "a former senator from the South standing loyally beside his ill wife." When does chutzpah become heedless Gary-Hart like taunting?

Zipi writes:
Let’s face it, Its hard to get a fair break from you. If she stands by her husband and attempts
to keep the marriage together— She threw away her dignity…Say you. If she finally had enough
— She leaves him when he fails. NO matter what the poor woman will do, she is dammed.
–  He is a cheating dog.
–  Cheated while she is battling cancer.
–  She did not brake up the family even though he publicly humiliated the family.
–  She stayed by his side in spite of all the embarrassment and support his political race.
–  A family who went through hell already when they lost their older son in a traffic accident
–  A wife who attempted to go on by having 2 more babies.
–  A sick woman who run all over the country making speeches, supporting his race for president.
Are we are having some issues with womankind…lately? You think???

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