Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

They’re not interested in marrying promiscuous women.


If women really wanted good men who would be stable income providers and raise good families, they wouldn’t spend age 16–25 sleeping with perpetual manchildren. [25 recommendations]

Men do not want to marry promiscuous women, period. And promiscuous women seem to be the American norm. [22 recommendations]

There are lots of “good” men out there who are successful, hold down professional jobs, and would love to marry a decent woman. However, many women shun those men because they are “boring” and instead chase after the loser-types who are underemployed, are alcoholics or drug addicts, and often live at home. I find that women are incredibly picky throughout their 20s when they are their most attractive and have the greatest ability to find a great man. Unfortunately, a lot of women squander their 20s playing the field and foolishly dating men well below them in terms of status or looks, only to wake up in their mid-30s single and bitter about not being married. By the time they are in their mid-30s the women are far less desirable in terms of looks and fertility and they often have emotional baggage and bitter attitudes. I don’t think women realize just how unattractive a bitchy attitude is. A man who has his life in order and is successful and good-looking would almost have to be out of his mind to settle for a woman in her mid-30s for marriage when there are younger women available who are better looking, likely more fertile, generally have less emotional baggage, and are often much, much nicer. [21 recommendations]

* It’s always those post-peak nubility women with slutty pasts who “require effort.” Sorry. If you want “effort,” you have to be worth it. Effort, like respect, must be earned. And a former “alpha fux, beta bux” party girl on the downslope of her beauty career nursing regrets about having given it away for free to DJs when she was younger, hotter, tighter is not a prize that many men with options will put much effort into wooing.

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