‘Breakshot: A Life in the 21st Century American Mafia’

The author of this forthcoming book, Kenny Gallo, is somebody I’ve known since the summer of 2001.

I learned a lot about the mafia from him and in turn I shared with a lot of stuff about Judaism. He’s been working towards conversion.

In 2006, Kenny publicly predicted that I would end up dead at the hands of organized crime because of my reporting.

From wikipedia:


Kenny "Kenji" Gallo (born 1968) is a former director and producer of pornographic films and B movies, a convicted racketeer associated with the Los Angeles crime family and New York City’s Colombo crime family, and a high-ranking mafia informant against such mafioso as alleged Lucchese crime family capo John Baudanza and alleged Colombo crime family heir apparent Theodore "Teddy" Persico, Jr.. Today, Gallo is the owner and operator of Hollywood Mafia website and the accompanying Hollywood Mafia Blog.

Gallo was an adult film and B-movie director and producer from the late 1980s to the early 2000s. He was the director of at least 29 recorded adult film titles.[1] He was also the producer of the B movies Babewatch 3 and Babewatch 4. While a filmmaker, Gallo met and married adult entertainment star Tabitha Stevens[2]; their short-lived marriage included a Jerry Springer Show episode titled "I’m Married to a Porn Star!" They divorced in 1997.

According to published author and pornography gossip columnist Luke Ford, Gallo was a one of the biggest cocaine smugglers and gangsters in the Los Angeles area in the late 1980s and early 1990s.[3] Gallo eventually became connected with the Milano crime family under capo Vincent "Jimmy" Caci, with whom he was arrested in 1998 by the FBI in connection with the Las Vegas Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act cases "Operation Thin Crust" and "Operation Button Down." In the early 2000s, Gallo moved to New York City and joined the Colombo crime family under soldier Edward Garaofalo and eventually caporegime Theodore Persico, Jr. In 2004, Gallo became a government witness against Persico and the Colombo family; court documents show that Gallo frequently wore a wire and recorded conversations with Persico. Gallo has also claimed responsibility for the arrest of Lucchese crime family capo John Baudanza and Colombo soldier Craig Marino. Gallo has published personal photos from his time with both in Jerry Capeci’s This Week in Gangland column and on his own blog.

Following the death of convicted hitman Charles Harrelson, Gallo was interviewed and identified as a "convicted Mafia associate" and friend of Harrelson’s in the Sunday 2007 issue of The Sunday Times..[4]

From the Times of London, April 8, 2007:

THE bloody family secrets of Woody Harrelson, the Hollywood actor, are to be revealed in a prison memoir written by his father, a professional hitman.

Charles “Chuck” Harrelson, who died in a Colorado maximum security jail last month, left a bundle of papers to his three sons with a plea to clear him of murdering a judge. But he admits in the memoir that he was involved in dozens of killings stretching back to the early 1960s.

…Harrelson even boasted — probably to impress potential employers — that he had shot President John F Kennedy in Dallas in 1963. He claimed to have been one of three men dressed as tramps on the grassy knoll close to the Kennedy cavalcade and said that Lee Harvey Oswald, the presumed assassin, was too far away from the president to get a clear shot.

Chuck Harrelson revealed his literary ambitions to Kenny Gallo, a convicted mafia “associate” in the FBI witness protection programme. “He wrote to me saying he was writing the book that exposed all the lies written about him over the years,” Gallo said.

He denied that Harrelson had killed 50 people: “He may have been involved in that many killings, maybe driving the car or something, but he only carried out maybe six killings himself.”

America no longer produced assassins like Harrelson, he added. “Today, you want someone killed, you call in a Russian or an Israeli. I don’t know how Woody feels about his father, but Harrelson was probably the last of a killing breed.”

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