If I Were A Muslim, How Would I Feel About Jews?

If I were a Muslim, I would have ambivalent feelings about Jews. On the one hand, I’d admire them for their strengths (high average IQ, high drive for social and economic success, strong commitment to their group interest, a gift for disguising their group interest in universal moral language, a flexibility with law and lobbying and influence, a genius for telling stories) and accomplishments (high income, educational and professional success, Israel, technology, medicine). On the other hand, I’d probably hate them for creating a Jewish state in my midst in land I regard as holy to my people and for making us Muslims look like savages by contrast to them.

I think would look around at the low average IQ of Muslims and of Arabs (about 85) and I would contrast that with the 105-115 average IQ of Ashkenazi Jews and I would burn to improve the status of my people. There’s no way I could be at peace with the enormous cognitive gap between Muslims and the enemy. I would be attracted to theories that would blame the problems of my people on outsiders. If I were capable of looking at the Muslim problem without emotion and bias, I would favor eugenics. We must insure that high IQ Muslims get everything they need to make more high IQ babies. For too long, “Muslim” has been equated with backwardness and squalor.

If I were a Muslim, I would want the whole world to become Muslim. I would be glad for increased Muslim immigration into the lands of our enemies (the West) and for our high birth rates and for the canny way we keep quiet and nice when we are under 2% of a country’s population but increasingly assert ourselves as our percentage rises above that level. While I might not say so to Western media, I might take pride in the fierce way Muslims protect their group interest by killing those who oppose them. If I were a Muslim, I would probably be glad when I heard the news about four rabbis getting stabbed to death in a shul in Jerusalem. I would regard Jerusalem as belonging to Muslims and I would want to drive the infidels into the sea.

If I were a Muslim, I’d feel shame at the low state of the Muslim world. I’d feel shame that as countries become more Muslim, they never become more free. I’d feel shame at the low level of accomplishment of my fellow Muslims. I’d feel shame at our degradation and lowliness. The shame would be so painful, I would probably seek escape through conspiracy theories blaming Muslim woes on non-Muslims.

If I were a believing Muslim, I would alternately feel sorry for Jews and Christians and rage at them for not accepting the truth of my religion. Any time Jews and Christians did anything that challenged my religion, I would feel angry at them and want to hurt them.

If I were a Muslim, I would look at the United States as largely controlled by Jews. I would look at the presidency and the Congress and the media and the Federal Reserve and the judiciary as largely controlled by Zionists. I would present a smiling face to non-Muslims in my public dealings, but in private I’d probably rage about Jewish influence and Jewish humiliation of the prophet Mohammed.

If I were a Muslim, I’d seek out and memorize ways that my people are superior to all other peoples. I’d memorize the leading arguments for why Islam was more true and more divine than Judaism and Christianity. I’d listen to lectures by imams and replicate their points in my daily conversations. I’d be all about Muslim pride. I would not care much about non-Muslim suffering. I’d probably read many books about how Muslims have suffered at the hands of non-Muslims and it would stoke my hatred of those outside my group who did not respect the prophet.

If I were a Muslim, I would want my country run according to Sharia law. I would want to deny citizenship to non-Muslims. I would not want non-Muslims to dominate important institutions such as the media and finance. If I were a Muslim, I would want Muslims to excel Jews in dominating media and finance and influence peddling around the world.

If I were a Muslim loser, unable to marry or even to find a girlfriend, I’d probably be vulnerable to becoming a terrorist.

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