WP: Why We Have To Stop Telling Jewish Jokes

A Christian writes this tripe. David Lehrer (formerly of the ADL) has a smarter perspective.

I assure you Jews won’t stop telling Jewish jokes, well, maybe the dumb frightened ones will stop.

Chaim Amalek writes: “When Moshiach comes, the goyim will dance and tell jokes about themselves for our entertainment, and will never think to tell jokes about us. This guy [Trevor Noah] won’t last. Having this Mischelung sitting in what has become a ‘Jewish’ seat makes no more sense than having one run the Federal Reserve system.”

“There is no ‘satire’ in Torah. This discussion does not concern the torah-true Jew.”

“When Moshiach comes, no one will even think to hurt our feelings.”

Steve Sailer notes: Like I’ve been saying, 2015′s Muslim massacres of Jews in Europe has prodded a few of the smarter, funnier, more self-aware American Jews toward an agonizing reappraisal of their ancestral Diversity Uber Alles ideology. Has it hit diminishing returns?

But, mostly, as in this example, Muslims slaughtering Jews just encourages the dumber, more humorless, less self-aware American Jews to double down on the traditionally successful habit of guilt-tripping nice white gentile Americans about how at any minute they could start a new Holocaust, just like they did on June 6, 1944. (Oh, wait, maybe my historical analogy needs work … But my point is, basically, that I’m holding the Megaphone and you aren’t.)

How all this will deter homicidal Muslims is not obvious, but, hey, it’s enjoyable, easy, and risk-free in terms of career, so why not keep on keeping on?

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