I See A Lot Of Indian Names In Fraud Cases

Comment to Steve Sailer:

The next time a big bust for Medicare fraud is announced check the names of the indicted . The lists are striking for the number of Indian and other foreign doctors .

“In Brooklyn, Dr. Syed I. Ahmed allegedly submitted $85 million in bills to Medicare over three years, from January 2011 to December 2013 for surgeries that never occurred, according to court documents. Nearly $27 million was submitted to Medicare in 2012 alone .”

From the FBI home page :

“Mobile Doctors’ Chicago CEO and Doctor Arrested on Federal Health Care Fraud Charges.”
“Arrested were Dike Ajiri, 42, of Wilmette, CEO of Mobile Doctors, which he has effectively owned since 1996, and Banio Koroma, 63, of Tinley Park, a physician who has worked for Mobile Doctors since approximately 2007.”

You can bet a list of the MD’s working for him would have similar names .

From Time Mag . :

“Medicare Fraud Horror: Cancer Doctor Indicted for Billing Unnecessary Chemo”

“Dr. Farid Fata is being held in a Detroit jail on $9 million bond.”

They’re not the only ones doing it to be sure but they do seem to be overrepresented .

Doctors didn’t go from one of the most respected professions in the mid 20th century to just ahead of lawyers 50 years later for no reason .

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