Mad Men As A Jewish Show

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Defining moment in Mad Men for me: Don Draper, highly paid ad exec, cleans his own gutters. And I think there was a scene where Henry, Betty’s new husband, political operative and county executive or some such, mowed the lawn.

Now there are Guatemalans for that.

Freeing up the Dons and the Henrys to do what really needs to be done.

* Oddly I find a lot of Jews here in London referring to WASPs, the US still sets the trends that then flood here. I just consider myself English or British, what relevance does WASP have here? The last context I heard it in was in how the denunciator had heard his old private school, an explicitly Church of England school ironically enough, didn’t have as many Jewish pupils as when he was there but was now full of ghastly WASPs, it offended him greatly. Traditionally Jews in Britain have been relatively better assimilated but I get the impression they are increasingly being influenced by US Jewish mentality.

As someone who works in the financial sector in London the only companies I never apply to are Jewish firms, a phenomenon never noticed publicly let alone criticised. What discrimination and prejudice that exists is pretty much all one way.

* I think resentment is always more a manifestation of one’s internal state than a reflection of genuine slights suffered. For instance the resentful short guy, or the resentful mentally-ill person. My experience with resentful people has always been that they lack the ability to fit in happily, even if they want to, so they have to look for (or invent) reasons to justify their maladjustment. Often physical.

Matthew Weiner is 5’7″ and looks like a evil little gremlin. I usually look at people’s physical appearance before I evaluate what they have to say nowadays.

* If you read the article, it’s all about obsessions with Jews. About which do you obsess more: the Holocaust (Samuels) or that most of your past girlfriends (probably the wife, too) were banging the HS QB and his friends while you were masturbating in a dark corner with a flashlight and the latest Penthouse issue (Weiner). In both cases, Jewish emasculation is extreme no matter how strong Israel is or how many shiksas you could buy or are desperate to sleep with you now.

* During my poor Southern high school years, my friends and I picked crops after school. Everyone we knew was working class or white trash. Regional doctors and lawyers were celebrities. Nobody felt slighted by their life circumstances because the expression of that indignation would be unseemly, what with all the unfortunate people in the world. Who were we to complain and who would care if we did?

Imagine growing up in beautiful Los Angeles, before CA was ruined by immigration, with a renowned doctor/professor for a father and a lawyer for a mother (who could afford to stay home if she wanted), with housekeepers and private schools and leisure and your own books in your bedroom and fresh fruit in the kitchen. And then to become fixated because you couldn’t have everything.

Mad Men deserves all the praise it gets and Weiner seems like an insightful and decent guy. But where the hell does this attitude, this expectation, come from? It’s beyond being spoiled or pampered. It’s pathological entitlement with a twist of paranoia and it’s a mental condition that doesn’t seem to exist in even the most privileged WASP culture.

* You can live in the richest town in the country, you can have a doctor and lawyer for parents, you can have your own better country club, you can be the academic star of your prep school—but if you happen also to be 5 feet 4 and with a curved nose and thick glasses, then none of it matters. You’ll be the Jewish outsider until you die.

P.S. Making Jon Hamm your alter ego doesn’t help!

* By coincidence, I picked up Robert Evans’ 1994 memoir (“The Kid Stays in the Picture”) at the library, recently, and I have been reading about his tenure as the head of Paramount, under Charlie Bluhdorn. (Evans claims, at one point, that he never knew whether Bluhdorn was Jewish; yet, he has Bluhdorn dropping Yiddish words that I never have heard before– which would strike me as highly unlikely, coming from an Austrian Catholic, who just happened to leave Europe for America, as a child or adolescent, in the 1930s!?!)

Evans writes (p. 16-17) that on the evening of December 7, 1941, a family meeting was held at his richest uncle’s home– an eighteen-room penthouse, overlooking Central Park, which Evans, then 11 years old, attended with his father:

“That night, all they were interested in was, first, how to keep their kids from going to war; second, how to expand their wealth; and third, how to protect it.

“We were the first to leave. As we were going down in the elevator, I remember, Pop said in a voice barely above a whisper, ‘The wealthy will get wealthier and the young will die.’”

* I get so tired of the Jewish grudge against whites and America. If whites and WASPs wanted to get together and keep Jews out of the country, and out of power, they could have easily done this. Instead, Jews were allowed into the country and allowed in elite circles. Jews are a privileged class in America and use phony claims of discrimination to justify their own grudges and discrimination and to solidify a grip on power.

Of course Jews have lots of power in the media. From my lowly position way on the outside, that much is obvious. It’s also obvious what movies like Caddyshack and Meatballs were about. Fox News, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh aren’t all Isrul all the time for nothing, and there is a reason that NPR is heavily staffed by Jews, and the programming heavily focused on Jews and Jewish issues. Instead of constant hostility, derision and opposition, I think Jews owe WASPs/America a big thank you and some cooperation, but I’m not holding my breath.

* The following is another amazing production of Red Ice Radio that pretty much demolishes Michael Weiner’s argument that Jews are merely overrepresented in Hollywood with limited impact on the culture as a whole and are no way hostile to historical American nation.

Warning it is 1:46 minutes long, but worth every minute of watching it. If you got time to waste on Mad Men then you definitely got time for this.

Hollywoodism: The Ideology that has Devoured Western Culture

Also very worthwhile from Red Ice.

Saint George and the “White Whore”

Insight – Anchorman 2 Review & The Politics of Will Ferrell

* I just the last few weeks started watching Mad Men.

It’s been a really disappointing experience. Yes, the period detail is pretty fascinating. But the entire energy of the show comes from its never ending reinterpretation of the sixties in the light of our current Zeitgeist. Every episode and every dramatic moment is animated by a question of: how are women being treated? how are blacks being treated? How are Jews being treated? You can hear in your head the invisible audience gasping at every such moment: OMG, did you hear what he said? I am so disgusted, and superior to that!

If you take away that cheap thrill of moral superiority, what’s left of the series? Anything?

Hollywood seems to make its living these days trucking in what I would call “moral porn” — playing to our lowest moral impulses. The standard method is to take an earlier era, or removed subculture (such as Southern whites, or Evangelicals), and project today’s standard “correct” morality — however anachronistically — onto that setting, dividing the good and evil people in that setting by how well they conform to our morality. If, say, Napoleon is supposed to be a good guy in a movie, you will know because he has a black guy whom he treats with respect because he’s a great artillery officer; if he’s supposed to be a bad guy, he’ll talk about how those blacks are just animals.

I find this kind of relentless sermonizing in art repulsive; I just can’t stomach it.

But I can only conclude that I’m a pretty rare bird, because stuff like this sells like nobody’s business.

* I’ve got to say there are days when I get sick of hearing rich, connected people whining about how hard they think they had it at their elite school.

* Steve, Thank you so much for writing this. For me, it’s just so surrealistic to read something like this. I’m in my mid-40s, reasonably successful, English Catholic. I’m decidedly not ethnocentric and by nature very laid back and accepting. Even of Indianans. But My God, reading this, it feels like Weiner is thoroughly hateful, paranoid, and deeply resentful, although his upbringing was way more privileged than anyone I grew up with. With all his luck and privilege and advantages, it’s like he’s just begging for me to hate him. As if my hatred of him will somehow elevate him to an even higher station in life? What is wrong with him? SMH.

* Growing up around Philadelphia in the ’70s, this was the feeling that I had – that there was a WASP aristocracy that had at one time been dominant and that they still had their clubs and their strange customs (bright colored pants with whales on them, speaking with the Locust Valley Lockjaw accent) but that they didn’t really run things anymore. The mayor was Italian (Rizzo), the main newspaper was owned by a Jew (Annenberg), etc. WASPs still had prominent roles but not dominant ones and they were clearly fading while other groups were rising. Local WASP institutions such as Budd (maker of railcars) were teetering on the brink of extinction, while the University of Pennsylvania (heavily Jewish from the 1920s onward) was rising. Campbell Soup was not setting the world on fire. So it never occurred to me that they were a threat or that I somehow had to take revenge upon them or destroy their stupid clubs which I had no desire to join any more than I wanted to join the Knights of Columbus.

Weiner’s whole shtick is strange. As he points out, Jews and the movie industry in effect created the Los Angeles that we know. There was no there there when they got there, just a small Midwestern city transplanted to a better climate. LA was not even in the top 10 – it was smaller than Milwaukee and Cincinnati and out where the studios were built was ranchland that they could buy up cheap. Beverly Hills was not incorporated until 1914 and in 1920 it had 674 residents. Defeating the WASP aristocracy of LA was a feat comparable to taking over Minneapolis.

* Maybe many Jews resent WASPS because WASPs are Christians AND for having created an amazingly decent and successful country. America represents for them a repudiation of what they have been taught about the goyim i.e. that the goyim are really unintelligent genocidaires.

They don’t resent Irish and Italian Catholics anywhere as much probably because they are fond of them -they grew up with them as underdogs in the immigrant tenements of New York. In fact in NYC, the Jews, Irish and Italians have always worked together to form the formidable coalition that displaced the WASP power structure of NY, while at the same time, taking care to keep the hapless (and socially and economically useless) Puerto Ricans and Blacks in their place. I live in NYC, and I am always amazed at how these three ethnic whites get along famously, but I guess it helps to have a common enemy they hold in deep contempt -Blacks. (full disclosure: I am an african muslim “immigrant” myself)

Of course in this coalition, for the most parts, the leaders are mostly Jews, and the cops that crack minority heads are irish or italian. Think obese cigarette seller Eric Garner of “I can’t breathe” and the cop Pantaleo. Blacks try to fight back (well, at least they try), and hence the formidable Al Sharpton. But NY Jews also have a strange sympathetic side towards Blacks , so even as they get their moderate IQ irish/italian cop goons to crack some heads, they are also providing blacks and hispanics with assistance-jobs, subsidized housing, and such. Blacks know this, and well, they don’t really “Fight the Power” too hard. They know they have it tougher in the WASP lands of the South.

Anyway, the reason Jews are so politically powerful is because they have the tactical support of a lot of non-WASP gentiles, AND the frightened dysfunctional minorities who need them for their welfare. Non WASP gentiles support comes more in the form of being neutral and not defending the WASP Establishment and the South. So the historical America becomes comprised. Oh and by the way, it does not help that the WASPs in the south dumbly oppose unions even though unions are job protection for the working and lower middle class white ethnic Catholics and jews. Southern Whites are so unreasonable they drive everyone straight into the hands of liberal Jews. (Also, why do they care if promiscuous women want to use birth control, or abort? Another discussion).

I still can not figure out completely why American Jews have such a DEEP hatred of WASPs -and hence historical America-though.
I mean we all resent our betters to a certain extent, but we don’t try to destroy them- we even try to emulate them (even if we don’t admit it).

* I know little of German history, but if the Jews in Germany before World War II carried on there as they do now here in America–at the forefront of a movement hostile to the gentile majority and undermining of its position and traditions–it would go a long way toward explaining the awful turn of events that overtook the Jews during that war.

I hate thinking that might be true, being myself a Jew, and a proud one at that.

* That’s the Jewish ideology in a nutshell:

Everything must be open to the Jews. Everything. Anything else is double-plus bad–racist!, anti-Semitic! If any other group builds anything that is not open to the Jews … evil, evil, evil!

But Jewish, separatism, ethno-centrism, ethnic-networking … that’s all fine.

The somewhat strange thing is it’s basically impossible to find a (prominent) Jew who can deal with the *obvious* reality here honestly.

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism are all universals religions.

It is Judaism that is uniquely a *racial religion*. And one that is explicitly separatist\rejectionist, with all sorts of practices and sanctions to prevent Jewish mingling with and contamination by the goyim.

I have no idea what my ancient Irish, English and Germanic ancestors were up to 2000 years back, but there weren’t Christians. (Based on my predilections, i’d guess something Wickermanish involving big fires!) When Christianity came … they went with the flow of their fellow countrymen. Simply partook of the new dominant religion of their lands.

Jews are very proud of themselves, their history, but don’t seem to quite want to except responsibility, that rather than being held apart by the majority, they–their ancestors–*chose* to reject, stay separate from the religion and culture of the majority. Rather than integrate into the culture of the places they lived, the Jews wanted\chose to stay separate, to instead keep themselves racially pure and practice a religion of racial supremacy\separatism while looting the goy majority. And what makes them Jews now is that they successfully kept up that separation for 2000 years. (The few Jews that were insufficiently racially separatist\supremacist melted into the majority and are *my* ancestors not theirs.)

* Globo-oligarchs control the media.

It’s like this. Everyone owns his or her own TV set, but what comes through every TV set is not controlled by those who own the TV sets. It’s controlled by those who control the TV stations, and it just so happens that a handful of globo-oligarchs own all the media. So, 300 million people may have 300 million TV sets, but a mere 5 media conglomerations, all of them owned or controlled by globo-oligarchs(and their favorite allies the homos), decide what 300 million people see.

That is power.

So, when everyone gets ‘my TV’, he or she is really surrendering his or her mind, as does everyone else who owns a TV set, to the Globo Big Brother and Homo Big Sister who control the handful of media corporations. And the globo-oligarchs use the TV and mass media to brainwash us and to command us to BOW DOWN BEFORE THE GLOBO AND HOMO.

So, US is all about AIPAC and GAY-PAC.
Is it any wonder that 75% of Americans sympathize more with Israelis than with Palestinians even though Zionists are oppressing the Palestinians? Is it any wonder that 80% of millennials and 55% of Americans are for ‘gay marriage’ when their minds have been warped by mass media controlled by globo and homo oligarchs?

I am the last one who won’t bend over and collaborate.

* Maybe Mrs. Weiner encourages Mr. Weiner to dislike gentiles, especially dislike young blonde gentile adventuresses such as January Jones and other starlets he comes in contact with daily.

* There are a lot of of very beautiful Jewish adventuresses these days. Many of them are of Russian and Persian Jewish origin. The Russian girls are particularly adventuresome. That’s a lesson Mel Gibson found out the hard way when he dated a Russian Jewish woman (Oksana Grigorieva,).

Speaking of Weiners, Anthony Weiner learned a lesson about Jewish adventuresses just a few years ago.

* Mad Men is written and produced by people who were didn’t become adults until decades after the period in which it is set and who don’t seem to know anything about what things were like in those days. In a way, that’s odd, because they could just watch their studios’ archives of movies and tv shows that were made back then, which fairly accurately document the prevailing attitudes and mores of the time.

I have a close friend, Jewish in his 70′s, who was actually in the advertising business in New York during the late-1950′s and early-1960′s. He told me that he tried to watch the show but found it too preposterous.

He said the one thing that it got most right was the smoking, drinking and reasonable working hours. Most people smoked and they smoked everywhere without complaint by non-smokers. The three-martini lunch was a reality, and my friend swears that it was routine for ad men to return to their offices after lunch (especially if it was with clients), close the door, tell their secretaries to hold their calls, sleep on the couch until 4:00 or 4:30, when it was almost time to go home, and then resume drinking in the club car on the way back to the suburbs, arriving home in time for the cocktail hour. If a man could hold his liquor, he wasn’t viewed as an alcoholic, he was just convivial.

The thing that Mad Men got most preposterously wrong was its portrayal of women. Contrary to the show’s notions: Wife-beating was considered disgraceful. Treating secretaries and the typing pool like prostitutes would have gotten a man fired and probably blackballed from the industry. Nice girls really didn’t put out until they were married, with rare, unfortunate exceptions, and men didn’t expect them to. No ad man would have dreamed of refusing to work with a high-paying potential client because she was a woman. Men liked women, women liked men, and they enjoyed each other’s company.

Likewise, to a somewhat lesser extent, for the show’s displays of overt anti-Semitism and racism, both of which were already déclassé by the time in which the show was set.

* Jews have a hand in leading these post-America and post-modern kinds of thinkings (e.g. Cultural Marxism, etc) and are at their most effective when they make others think that they wield no direct influence at all whatsoever, or if they do, it tends to be equivalent to other every ethnic and/or is no different than anyone else.

Pay no attention to that group behind the curtain. They don’t have any relevance at all over the culture, the media, academia, business, etc. They alllll just happen to be at the higher echelons of power and prestige.

All just one great giant coincidence that continues to occur with each succeeding passing generation.

* Remember Steven Spielberg says that being teased as a child informed his later work. Apparently someone called him a Jew on the school playground–and a lot of Jews don’t realise that children can just be mean. They’re actually equal-opportunity meanies–whatever you got, they’ll hit you with.

* I have a lot of fun discussing what I call ‘entertainment propaganda’ with friends and family. These are all people who by most objective standards are intelligent and accomplished individuals.

I always ask, as subtly as possible, if they caught various subtexts and references in whatever example we’re discussing. 99% of the time, they didn’t, which means the propaganda was effective. The other 1% of the time, they pass off as trivial and irrelevant.

People have no idea–no idea–why they think what they think.

* Steve Sailer writes: I’ve watched 6 hours of “Mad Men,” 6 hours of “Breaking Bad,” 6 hours of “Downton Abbey.” These are good shows, but I get bored with dramas after, oh, say, 6 hours. That’s enough to get what the creator’s world is about, and I don’t really care about what happens to the characters since they aren’t real. In general, I figure out the artist’s tricks pretty fast and get bored, which is why I like 2 hour movies: because pretty soon they are over.

I watched 9 hours of “Lord of the Rings” because it was extremely good, but the last half hour was kind of a drag.

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