Is Iran Mankind’s Enemy?

Dennis Prager writes: Iran today is America’s greatest enemy, Israel’s greatest enemy, the Jewish people’s greatest enemy and the greatest enemy of moral civilization.
There is, apparently, no evil that the Iranian Islamic regime will not engage in to further its ends.
It is one of the only countries in the world that supports North Korea, the most monstrous regime (in terms of how it mistreats its own citizens). North Korea is effectively the world’s largest prison, run by a sick and diabolic cult for whom the starvation of its own citizens is as little concern as it was to Mao Zedong, who inflicted death by starvation on upward of 60 million Chinese, selling the food they produced to the Soviets for industrial and military goods.
Most of the world has ostracized North Korea, but not Iran, which has signed military agreements with the North Korean regime. It is one of the ways (we do not know all of them) by which Iran can circumvent any agreements it signs with the West in order to avoid sanctions.
As the Christian Science Monitor reported on Sept. 20, 2012:
“North Korea and Iran appear to be increasing their dealings in nuclear technology and missiles with each other under a breakthrough agreement reached between the two nations in Tehran three weeks ago. ‘It’s likely the tempo of shipments of technology to Iran has increased,’ says Bruce Bechtol, a former United States intelligence official and author of two books and other studies on North Korea’s military buildup. ‘We have seen a large number of North Korean scientists visiting Iran.’
“At the heart of this catchall listing, in the view of analysts here, lies a commitment for North Korea to step up shipments of missiles and other arms to Iran, along with technology.
“North Korean scientists were providing the technology and Iran the cash for building the nuclear reactor in Syria that Israeli planes bombed in September 2007.
“ ‘North Korea is the seller, not the buyer,’ he [Bechtol] says, and in that role ‘continues to assist Iran in its highly enriched uranium program by providing scientists, centrifuge technology, and even raw materials.’ North Korea, he notes, is rich in raw uranium and other natural resources.”
It gets worse:
As reported by the Jerusalem Post this week:
“A senior German defense figure said in a report this week that Iran may be significantly further ahead in its nuclear weapons program than public intelligence assessments have so far suggested. Hans Ruhle, who directed the planning department of the German Defense Ministry from 1982 to 1988, argued that Iran may have been involved in the detonation of an experimental uranium nuclear bomb in North Korea in 2010.”
Iran’s intimate relations with North Korea reveal two things about Iran. One is that it is hell bent on producing nuclear weapons. The other is that it has no compunctions about supporting a sociopathic dictatorship that enslaves all its people and tortures and kills many of them. In other words, Iran is led by vile men who seek nuclear weapons above all else.
That President Barack Obama and the Europeans think they can negotiate a deal with Iran that would halt that country’s movement toward nuclear weapons is breathtaking in its naivete and self-deceit.

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