Steve Sailer: When the Mafia Got as Organized as the ADL

Steve Sailer writes: The Simon Wiesenthal Center and L.A.’s Museum of Tolerance were co-founded by the late subprime mortgage robber baron Roland Arnall, who got extra rich talking Latino immigrants into taking on high interest mortgages they couldn’t afford. I give Angelo Mozilo of Countrywide and Kerry Killinger of Washington Mutual a lot of grief, but they were really quality businessmen who were slowly seduced over to the dark side by their greed, their ambition, and modern America’s diversity mindset. In contrast, Arnall, as far as I can tell, was a pirate, the worst of the worst in making subprime mortgages into a national catastrophe.

So you can see the dilemma. Much of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s money originated in Roland Arnall tricking immigrant peons into ruinous loans (Arnall’s Ameriquest got fined $250,000,000 by state attorneys general, even while Congress was approving his nomination as ambassador), so immigration is good because it brings in Fresh Meat; but immigration into Europe is getting Jews murdered, so immigration is bad for the Jews.

This is hardly an insoluble dilemma, but it is disquieting to ethnocentric Jewish liberals in the media, few of whom had thought analytically about immigration before 2015. With their “huddled masses” schmaltz they’d largely succeeded in demonizing skepticism about immigration, shifting the Overton Window so far that sensible thinking about immigration security seems like Hitlerism to today’s youth of color.

But maybe media moguls have gone a little too far in hate-mongering against immigration restrictionists? Perhaps it would be more prudent to hedge their bets, to diversify their portfolios so that if it turns out that immigration needs to be restricted, they’ll have somebody to deal with.

You can see the problem in France after the anti-Semitic massacres in January, where ethnocentric liberal Jewish journalists, like Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic article cited by Weinstein, have had to make Strange New Respect pilgrimages to Marine Le Pen because the National Front is the only party that has dared to have practical policy proposals.

Anyway, Harvey’s demand that Jews “are gonna have to get as organized as the mafia” reminds me of the year when the mafia got as organized as the Anti-Defamation League.


* It seems to me that the preferred Jewish strategy is to double down on Holocaust Indoctrination. Make sure that Blacks and Mestizos and Arab Muslims know that Christian Whites are fair game, but Jews are off-limits.

* Mr. Sailer, the trouble with mass psychology is that it cannot be calibrated perfectly (or even well). Mass feelings tend to gyrate wildly, overshooting to one end and then to the other.

* The Exotic Weirdo In Chief is about to go all in on Harv and the rest of aging tough guys from Temple Israel of Hollywood.

I don’t think people really appreciate what has been happening in the Democrat Party. It’s been completely taken over by radicals who think the Weathermen had the right idea, juts poor execution. The rest of the political is just starting to catch on, but they are still lost as to what to do about it.

History says the Jews are always too late catching on to avert disaster. The recent concern by American Jews about what’s happening in The Cult suggests maybe it is too late to pull out of this dive.

* Translation: if Arabs and muslims were as easy to guilt-trip and shame into submission as whites and as apathetic as latinos I wouldn’t be saying all this – but dammit, they’re not.

* That Jews talk about the need to “get as organized as the mafia”, this presupposes 1) Jews are disorganized in protecting their interests, and 2) the Italian mafia provides a good example of organized, collective ethnic defense. Of course, on both counts, either Weinstein knows he’s being ridiculous (the inside joke and irony much be witnessed first hand, I suppose) or Weinstein believes that movies are real and reality is not. Which of course makes Steve’s history of Joe Colombo’s organizing in 1970 all the more delicious. God, it must be wonderful to always be controlling the bullhorn.

“Up to the 50s, the mafia wasn’t officially recognized to exist and it was regarded as just a conspiracy theory by many people. It wasn’t until RFK and after that the FBI and federal authorities acknowledged mafia and started going after organized crime more generally.”

Hoover was right all along. Whether the “mafia” existed wasn’t, has never been the issue. The issue was/is whether the “mafia” was worthy of the attention of national law enforcement. And of course it wasn’t. It simply diverted massive resources and focus of the FBI from the internal threat posed by communist elements at all levels of government and the civil rights movement to chasing around 4th and 8th grade educated Southern Italians and Sicilians. I mean, when you really study the FBI’s efforts against the “mafia” you realize what a complete waste of time it was. Nothing the FBI did could not have been addressed by local law enforcement. Same now of course with all the of anti-terrorism mumbo-jumbo while trillions were/are stolen by Wall Street. It’s funny how the left has benefited quite a bit by diverting the FBI’s attention to hyper-threats of its own fevered imagination.

But the poor Italians have always been put forward to play the role of ultimate criminals and threats to society. It’s our national folklore, an established fact in our national psyche. Such a joke. Wiki says Weinstein’s dad was a diamond-cutter, which suggests a more working class background for the Weinsteins, which suggests that if you dug more deeply I’m pretty sure you’d find just a few generations back not a few of Weinstein’s ancestors involved in a lot of crime, organized and otherwise. For the real organized crime of this country you need go no further than the early Jews of the 20s – 50s in the ghettos of the Northeast. Even now all of those “Russian” criminals and scam artists–it’s just too ridiculous.

* Ross Macdonald for example wrote a lot of thrillers about organized crime – and even if the thugs are often obvious Italians, the masterminds behind are obvious non-Italians with some unidentifiable European background. I suppose that he knew what he meant but didn’t want to be more precise.

* Maybe a number of wealthy American Jews visited Morocco, and dreamed that the USA could be like Morocco in the future. Morocco is a great place for French Jews. Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Bernard-Henri Lévy have luxurious villas, named ‘ria’ in Moroccan Arabic, where they take their vacations. They live like nabobs there, surrounded by submissive Moroccan servants.

The king of Morocco is very chummy with French leaders: when Nicolas Sarkozy lost the presidency, the king offered him a large ria. Jacques Chirac also used to vacation in Morocco.

Morocco is also one of the favorite destination of wealthy French pedophiles.

* Along with Harvey’s numerous and admirable pro-Jewish films, there seems to be another theme that he’s fixated on. Below are a few other movies in his production portfolio:

1995 – “Priest,” A drama of debauched Catholic priests fighting homosexual urges and various crises’ of faith

1998 – “The Butcher Boy,” with a cursing Sinead O’Connor as the Virgin Mary.

1999 – “Dogma,” a comedy with gags about a descendant of Mary and Joseph working in an abortion clinic. Featuring Alanis Morisette as god.

2002 – “40 Days and 40 Nights,” a comedy revolving around the gag of Catholics giving up sex for Lent.

2002 – “The Magdalene Sisters,” a story of illegitimate children left in the clutches of evil Catholic nuns

2003, “Bad Santa” – opened for the for the Christmas season with Santa as a chain-smoking, foul-mouthed, suicidal, sexual predator.

2006, “Black Christmas” a horror with a bleak take on the holiday season

2013 – “Philomena,” another out-of-wedlock pregnancy story with nuns and the Catholic Church as villians.

That’s a lot of Christian focused films for one Jewish man to finance. And he’s still relatively young. If he loses some weight and looks out for his health…we might get even more of this wonderful output from Harvey!

Maybe It ‘s not the Jews who need to get organized ‘like the mafia’. It’s the non-Jews who need to get more alert and organized.

* I think Jews, or at least the HochJuden, see White Christians, especially males, as their most dangerous adversary. Anything diluting their homogeneity is therefore good. The discomfiture of some low-level Jews deriving from – for example – mass Muslim immigration is therefore deemed an acceptable price in the context of the overall strategic objective.

For example Barbara Lerner Specter is working hard than ever to swamp Sweden with Third World detritus while simultaneously bemoaning the treatment of that country’s Jews by the Religion Of Peace.

* Does Israel really need a Holocaust museum? Isn’t the whole country a Holocaust museum?

I’ve never been to a Museum of Tolerance, but I assume they’re the disappointing type of museum largely filled with blown-up photos, audio and video presentations, and a large gift shop full of books. There’s only so many Holocaust relics to go around, and now that there has to be a Museum of Tolerance in every major city they must be in short supply.

There’s an industry manufacturing authentic-looking Nazi uniforms and accoutrements for those who are into that. Is it possible someone will start manufacturing authentic-looking yellow stars and concentration-camp prisoner uniforms to market to the burgeoning Museum of Tolerance industry? Could be a good niche for someone to exploit. (It’s probably actually being done right now and I just haven’t read about it.)

* Yeah, a Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem does seem bizarre. Not because the Israelis are intolerant, particularly. They are just race loyal.

What is bizarre is that they permit the museum to open knowing that its function is to break down the dominant group (Jews, in this case) and empower minorities.

The only thing stranger would be to require special Nakba education in Israeli schools the way American schools require special Holocaust education.

* My son, in middle school, has been going over the Holocaust in great detail for almost 6 weeks now. They just finished Boy in the Striped Pajamas and completed accompanying worksheets. They’re watching the Devils Arithmetic and already read Anne Franks Diary. Apparently the teacher has emphasized to these 13 and 14 year olds that this focus in necessary so that “something like this never happens again”. No mention of Stalin or Pol Pot or Rwanda, etc. I don’t remember spending that much time on any part of history in my schooling, even the Revolutionary War period.

* Ridley’s all about the aesthetics. A Japanese -inflected, neo-noir future LA? Uber cool.

A Mexican-inflected, neo-noir future LA? Total crapfest.

One of the reasons why no one likes Elysium is because a Mexican LA is just too disgusting to contemplate.

* Don’t worry. Given that it’s being built on top of an historic Muslim cemetery, it’s pretty clear that the museum’s focus will be on testing tolerance rather than promoting it. The fact that it’s going to be a huge, post-modern, stainless steel, cathedral-like structure; built in one of the most historic and sacred cities in the world –is further evidence for this.

The museum’s promoters argue that the cemetery was abandoned and that there’s no legitimate conflict. But even if that’s true, the idea of building a post-modern temple to tolerance in the wake of sustained, acrimonious litigation and minimal compromise, seems to contradict the very principles which such an institution is supposed to stand for and promote.

The “Center for Human Dignity” as the project is now called, appears to share an important theme with Netanyahu’s “peace process.” That theme is submission.

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