Jews & Drugs

A goy tells me: “My personal experiences with Jews has been largely positive except I find their community, at least the secular ones, to have a problem with drug issues. Most of my friends who are Jewish have had issues with drugs in their history, some have even OD’d and are not around anymore and I have noticed a lot of drug dealers among hippies to be Jewish. I’m not sure its done intentionally to be subversive, it seems more just related to the fact Jews have been historically involved with trade. Also I notice all this drug stuff in Hollywood. Secular Jewish culture has a problem with drug abuse I think.”

Compared to the Seventh-Day Adventists I knew growing up, non-Orthodox Jews are much more hedonistic, promiscuous and drug taking.

I hate drugs, including marijuana, because they turn a large percentage of people who take them into losers.

I hate alcohol as well. I hate being around drunks. I refuse to be around people who take drugs.

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