Efraim Zuroff: One man’s journey to the heartland of fascism

Efraim Zuroff is a Simon Wiesenthal Center Nazi hunter and historian.

For ethno-nationalists, Israel is a shining light of what a determined people can accomplish, but I guess if Jews develop an ethno-state, that’s a good thing, but if goyim attempt to similarly develop their own ethno-states, that’s bad.

“Fascist” is usually thrown around as a slur, but I fail to see why it is inherently any less valid than any other form of government. Anthropologist Peter Frost writes: “Fascism is defined here in opposition to liberalism, the belief that individuals should be free and self-determining.”

If you ask Google, “Is Israel fascist?”, you will get over a million results. Here’s the first result, a book review of the 2013 book Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel:

Max Blumenthal’s sprawling portrait of contemporary Israel is far more a work of journalism than political theory. It largely avoids sustained argument or analysis, allowing its main points to be inferred through the words of Israelis and Palestinians and short contemporary or historical descriptions, presented in several dozen vignette-like chapters. This is nonetheless a bold and shocking book, presenting persuasively a major theoretical and polemical argument about Israel almost completely at odds with the image most Americans have of it.

In Goliath, America’s foremost partner in the Middle East is not the humanistic and ever resourceful “David” using guile to vanquish surrounding brutes, but a militaristic and racist state whose electoral majorities have set it on a trajectory towards fascism, if it isn’t there already. Even those generally well-informed about Israel and its occupation of the Palestinian territories will have their views challenged by Blumenthal’s sharp eye and deadpan factual presentations.

For many people, simply asking if Israel is a fascist state is an obscenity because the Nazis were fascist. But the Nazis also believed in gravity. Should Jews then deny gravity?

Efraim Zuroff writes: “This year marks the 25th anniversary of Baltic independence and more than a decade of full membership in the European Union and NATO. If the assumption was that those developments would cure Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian society from the scourges of fascism, racism, and anti-Semitism, the events of the past month clearly show that these plagues have not been eradicated.”

Has racism and fascism been eradicated from the Jewish state or does that not matter?

“The first question in that regard is the legal status of these marches… Local courts decided to allow the marches on the basis of freedom of speech, and all attempts to have them banned, or at least moved out of the city center, including my appeals this year to the mayors of both Lithuanian cities, have not achieved any practical results.”

Great, another Jew against free speech.

You can tell he’s an insecure type by insisting on the title of “Dr” in front of his name, even though he is a PhD and not a medical doctor. PhDs don’t normally demand the honorific “Dr” in front of their names.

“Two dangerous themes were dominant in practically every event. The first was the open hostility toward local minorities – Poles, Russians and Jews in Lithuania, the latter two in Latvia and Estonia.”

Good thing you don’t find hostility to minorities in the Jewish state, right?

Haaretz in 2004: “Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them.”

You won’t find any condemnation by the Simon Wiesenthal Center of this spitting by Jews on Christians.

I sometimes think what would I do if I had the opportunity to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year working for the Simon Wiesenthal Center churning out anti-Gentile propaganda. I hope I would have the integrity to choose poverty and truth rather than evil and wealth.

“The only good news was that for the first time since Faina Kukliansky assumed the post of Chairperson of the Lithuanian Jewish community, she issued a statement denouncing the march in Vilnius (after initially ignoring the one in Kaunas), and several community officials participated in our protest. There was only silence from the Jewish communities of Latvia and Estonia, as well as from the Israeli embassies in Vilnius, Riga and Helsinki.”

Perhaps the Jews who live in the Baltics see it as a bad idea to needlessly antagonize their neighbors who are only pursuing their ethnic self-interest akin to the ways that Jews often pursue their interests.

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