The Genius: How Bill Walsh Reinvented Football and Created an NFL Dynasty

David Harris has zero flair as a writer but his new book is a solid collection of information.

(Then it sneaks up on you and will leave you in tears.)

From 1985-1987, I covered Bill Walsh and the San Francisco 49ers for radio stations KAHI/KHYL.

The 49ers trained at my school — Sierra Community College in Rocklin.

Walsh treated everyone with respect, a trait I’ve never tried to emulate.

I remember him coming to the microphone after a tough loss to the New Orleans Saints at Candlestick in early October 1985 left his team at 2-2.

"It’s good to be among friends," he said, cracking up the press corp.

The news media were allowed to go down on to the field for the last few minutes of the game and then follow the players into the lockerroom.

As we ran behind the Saints after the final whistle, I heard one of them yell out, "Some kind of genius!"

I then asked Walsh in the press conference a klanger of a question. After repeating the quote, I asked if the pressure of being on top was getting to his team.

He replied: "I’d be happy to match our record with anyone’s."

Then he took the next question.

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