My co-host loves Torah! Parashat Tzav


This week’s Torah portion is Tzav (Leviticus 6:1–8:36). Live at 4pm CA time.

Chaim Amalek writes: “I’ve been saving up my desire to learn torah for an entire week! I’m sitting in a comfortable chair, a chumash in one hand, mouse in another. WHEN DOES IT START? I’m about to bust a mitzvah waiting.”

Luke: “The Jewess is slow off the mark. She’s been cleaning.”

Chaim: “Tell her that her tardiness is a posthumous victory for Hitler. She has over a week to clean up for Pesach. Worry about the bread crumbs later.”

* When you serve God, no task is too small. One of the jobs of the priest is to carry out the trash. Most of their work sounds ordinary.

A new yeshiva student told his wife he was too busy to take out the garbage. She got upset. They went to see Rabbi Mordecai Gifter. The rabbi agreed the student was too busy to carry out the trash. The wife was miffed. The next morning at 7am, the doorbell rings at the home of the couple. Rabbi Gifter is there wearing white gloves. “What are you doing here?” asked the student. “I am here to carry out the trash,” said Rabbi Gifter. “I know you’re too busy to do it but I’m not.”

* “The fire on the altar must be kept burning at all times.” Orthodox Judaism is the burning core of the Jewish people.
* The Torah commands the priests what type of pants they should wear. What we wear is important because if affects us and it affects others. The more religious the Jew, the more likely they are to dress distinctively. On the Sabbath and Jewish holidays, Jews are commanded to dress their best. In Reform and Conservative synagogues, Yom Kippur services are fashion shows.

* Priests have to eat all of these offerings. That’s a lot of meat. I’m glad I’m not a priest.

* If anyone eats flesh from the peace-offering while he is in a state of contamination, his soul shall be cut off from his people (Lev. 7:20). Judaism is excellent at policing group boundaries and stating what is unacceptable. We perfected shunning.

“The holy meat of the offerings must be eaten by ritually pure persons, in their designated holy place and within their specified time.”

It is challenging to attach to holy people because they tend to demand holy behavior in turn. Many broken people, such as myself, feel drawn to Orthodox Judaism to fix the hole in our souls. We want to attach to holy people and yet many of us want to keep doing our sins. If you want to attach to the holy, you have to stop sinning publicly. There’s a price for every attachment. Attaching to holy people carries a stiff price. I’ve found a balance, I think, whereby I attach lightly to holy people, but not so tightly that I can’t be myself.

The novelist Chaim Potok, a Conservative rabbi, declined a private audience with the Lubavitcher Rebbe because he feared it would shift his writing in a direction he did not want. He did not want to get too close to holiness, yet he often attended the rebbe’s talks.

If you want to practice Orthodox Judaism and you ask Orthodox Jews for help, most Orthodox Jews are not interested in helping you. Those who are interested in helping you, the kiruv factory, usually have demands that come along with their help. So either you follow these demands or they drop you. Another alternative is to progress at your own speed, not asking for much help, because then fewer demands can be made upon you.

I’m speaking from personal experience. For the years I was writing on the porn industry, whenever I stepped into an Orthodox shul, I felt like a whore walking into a church.

I had a friend from the dark side, Khunrum, who would advise me: “Levi, leave these good people alone.”

It’s fine if you are in a state of contamination, just don’t touch the peace offering.

Oh life, it’s bigger
It’s bigger than you
And you are not me
The lengths that I will go to
The distance in your eyes
Oh no, I’ve said too much
I’ve said enough

* Chabad: “Ohaliev was from the tribe of Dan, of the lowest of the tribes… Betzalel was from one of the greatest of the tribes.” Is low and great referring to high average IQ?

* Let me abos go loose, Lew
Let me abos go loose
They’re of no further use, Lew
So let me abos go loose
Altogether now!

Chaim Amalek: “I say if you place a thousand abos in the Ramaz school here in New York from preschool to adulthood, you will end up with a lot of very successful abos.”

* Chaim Amalek: “Is it a mitzvah for a Jew to try to save the white race from racial and or moral dissolution? Because if it is, then you are a true tzaddik and possibly the Gadol Hador the goyim have long needed.”

* If you just follow the cues and go along, it is easy to be Jewish or to be Japanese or to belong to any closely identifying in-group. If you want to be a rebel, then life will get very difficult for you and you may end up on the outs, which is no fun.

Often I hear from women who want to convert to Orthodox Judaism, and usually they just want to vent about how hard it is and how the rabbis are not being supportive and how the process is not spiritual.

* “Aaron and his sons remain within the Sanctuary compound for seven days, during which Moses initiates them into the priesthood.” The more religious the Jew, the more likely he is to be pale and to not get much sun. I remember going to LimmudLA and we stayed inside for three days learning and eating.

* This parasha sounds like a lot of work. I’m not really a worker, unless I’m excited about something and getting narcissistic supply for my efforts. In general, I prefer to lie around on tropical beaches sipping cold calorie-free drinks while having lotion rubbed on me by spunky sheilas.

* How I would love to see the mosque on the Temple Mount blow up so we could rebuild the Third Temple and sacrifice to God again. The more strongly I identify as a Jew, the less I care about out-groups. I have little empathy for the Muslims and their mosque, so I don’t expect them to have any empathy for my group.

* I heard a story about a Muslim woman in full Muslim regalia so that only her eyes showed marched up to some rabbis at a food show and demanded, “What do you think about me?” One rabbi said, “Are you a threat? If you are not threat, I have no problem with you and I respect your commitment to holiness.” The Muslim hung around for an hour interrogating the rabbis in an aggressive manner. Of course what any healthy non-Muslim in this situation would think is, “I wish you and your kind would drop dead” but it is more politic to give other responses.

Different groups have different interests. The interests of Jews and Muslims frequently clash. A healthy Muslim is going to have negative feelings about Jews and vice versa (chiefly because of Israel).

* I know this is crime-thought, but the elaborate ceremonies in the parasha reminds me of the coronation of Kings and Queens at Westminster Abbey in England, the Haj in Mecca, the Japanese tea ceremony, and the Nuremburg Rallies (made famous by the film Triumph of the Will). Wikipedia: “After 1933, the rallies took place near the time of the Autumn equinox, under the title of “The German people’s National Party days,” which was intended to symbolize the solidarity between the German people and the Nazi Party. This point was further emphasized by the yearly growing number of participants, which finally reached over half a million from all sections of the party, the army and the state.”

Peoples use rituals to strengthen their in-group identity.

* Does a healthy society need to control its media as much as Joseph Goebbels did in Nazi Germany?

Phil Rushton: “Joseph Goebbels had complete control of the media in Germany and the German birth rate shot up and German nationalism shot up and ethnic solidarity increased and out-group hatred increased. The reason was because of the images displayed. If you saw today on television, which I am sure you will not, lots and lots of nice blue-eyed blonde babies being born and women who had lots of these babies being happy having babies and wanting to stay at home and not to work, then you would increase the number of women who would want to have babies and stay at home. If the media showed attractive people standing up to drive the drug dealers out of their neighborhood and to not care what race they were, then I think many more people in suburban neighborhoods would rally together to drive out the alien drug dealers. And so what you see on TV portrayed by role models who look like you… Advertisers know this. Politicians know this. If you are running for Congress, you get black workers to go knock on black neighborhoods. You get Hispanic voters to knock on Hispanic doors… We know the ethnic person you are interacting helps sell the product. People trust someone who looks like their cousin more than someone who looks different, on average.”

* Every week I trade work with a Network Spinal Analysis practicioner. I find the work invaluable. He told me last night, “Trust your passion.” I started letting go of unnecessary tension and my breath freed up and I got a ton of release, just from those three words. I heartily recommend NSA to anyone. I can’t explained what it is, but it seems amazing. My best explanation is that since I started going about six months ago, I’ve found my spine. I am much more fierce in pursuing what I believe in. I’m less of a wimp.

* Chaim Amalek: “Remember AMALEK’S rules: 1. the screen should be filled with HER face, not yours, and especially not your nose; 2. don’t talk about rape with her as though it were a normal, healthy activity for a man to want to do. It skeeves out most pretty fertile women; 3. your goal should be to get her to speak as much as possible. 4. try not to come across as in awe of her youthful vitality. 5. Remember, somewhere out there is a menopausal woman who would be perfect for you… about 30 years.”

Last week’s show:


This isn’t your dad’s Torah Talk!


* My cohost looks like the Oregon State library cam girl.




My cohost assures me that she is “pure, very pure, shomer negiyah.”

How much money could my cohost make if she cammed in frumie outfits while studying Torah?

How much money could I make if I live cammed in frum outfits while studying Torah? It would be a Yiddish version of slow TV.

I think I’ll go to a public library and videotape myself studying Torah while dressed frum.

Chaim Amalek Tell her to check out the comments on your web site so that I can impress her an fantasize that she would be attracted to my yicchus.
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Chaim Amalek Let her know that my yicchus is huge.
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Chaim Amalek When do you ask her which group she was involved with in High School?
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Chaim Amalek I don’t think she’s heard this song before.
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Chaim Amalek A generational problem.
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Chaim Amalek I don’t think she knows what an abo is.
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Chaim Amalek But Luke, I thought we did control the media.
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Chaim Amalek Luke knows that his best shot at an age inappropriate Jewish woman is if she is broken.
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Chaim Amalek Chaim Amalek is the Gadol Hador
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Chaim Amalek America needs to return to its era of Purity of Essence.

Tim posts to Youtube: 98% of white nationalists are also proles; they need proper direction, but sadly they will never accept the Jews, which is retarded (Jews cluster with whites just fine).

I don’t think it’s fair to say that it’s the Jew’s fault in the decline of Western civilization. Rather, I think the enlightenment ideas (which were largely inspired by the French enlightenment) combined with universalistic religions and Randian individualism, are much more plausible to the fall – though even that’s just shorthand. Yes, there may be a small Jewish influence (like Irish Catholics), but it’s not the main driver.

Also, the technological advances which gave arise to mass transportation, also is a big factor, though I know some may say that’s a rather Marxist way of thinking (tech. = driving force in societal change).

Either way, when the structure of a society is built on these pillars, the results are going to be anti-traditional…

The Jews have high avg. IQ distribution and social cohesion, which is why they are so prominent in high power positions, being an extreme minority.

The problem: Jews who are often secular (aren’t Orthodox) and embrace liberalism, egalitarianism, progressive science, etc. are dangerous, not because of their Jewishness, but their absence of morality, denial of beauty, etc.; this however is universal to all people who adopt Leftism, but it’s the Jewish biological superiority and group cohesiveness which makes them easy targets (out of envy). I would argue that open borders Irish Catholics are just as dangerous, yet no one blames them; though ultimately, it’s not really about blaming entire groups, rather certain group tendencies, universalism, etc.

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