Should Jews Leave Europe?

How come there is no limit to how much Jews such as Jeffrey Goldberg can dump on Gentiles? You can’t hate Gentiles too much. There is no limit. You can vent about them all day long and nobody will call you a hater. It won’t hurt your career. Goyim are just pinatas for these Jews who never bothers to ask if different groups might have different interests and there might just possibly be things Jews have done that have caused other groups to hate them just as some Jews have reasons for hating blacks, Christians, Muslims etc (to the extent that some Jews do hate these groups).

That Muslims hate Jews does not mean Muslims are evil and Jews are good. It just means they have clashing interests. I suspect that Jews on average have about as much animus for Muslims and Christians as Muslims and Christians have, on average, for Jews. There’s lots of hate to go around. The more passionately you identify with your group, the more likely you are to hate other groups. That’s the nature of in-group identity. It does not make those with a strong in-group identity bad. People with weak to non-existent in-group identity, such as WASPs, are not necessarily good. They don’t gain an evolutionary group advantage for not making distinctions between in-groups and out-groups.

If the rough and tough game of life in the multiracial multicultural West, success will usually go, all things being equal, to those with a strong in-group identity.

Steve Sailer writes:

For some time, I’ve been pointing out that the more ethnocentric American Jews, individuals who tend to be hard-headed conservatives by nature and schmaltzy liberals by nurture, are the key potential swing constituency on issues like immigration policy. And the ice is starting to crack perceptibly, if subtly.

Of course, you to still have to often wade through an enormous amount of anti-gentilic rage to get to what’s really bothering these swing pundits. For example, Jeffrey Goldberg’s giant cover story in The Atlantic is full of expressions of ethnic animosity against Christendom — e.g.:

Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?

By Jeffrey Goldberg

… The resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe is not—or should not be—a surprise. One of the least surprising phenomena in the history of civilization, in fact, is the persistence of anti-Semitism in Europe, which has been the wellspring of Judeophobia for 1,000 years.

– before Goldberg finally gets around to … oh, yeah, the real problem is now the Muslims.

As William Saletan implies in Slate, much of Goldberg’s article seems intended to serve as angry filler to establish his bona fides as a good gentile-hater so he can eventually quote Marine Le Pen at length on what needs to be done. Saletan writes:

So let’s turn the question around. How can we help Jews stay in Europe? What’s the best way to reassure a French Jew that she can keep both her country and her religion?

Goldberg’s article doesn’t explicitly answer that question. But it does illuminate the structure of the problem. Once you understand that structure, you get a general idea of how the problem could be solved. You also begin to see how much worse things could get if we try to solve it in the wrong way.

In the article, the person who comes across as understanding the problem most clearly is Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s National Front. She says anti-Semitism watchdogs in her country have been looking the wrong way. They’re on guard against old-style Nazism. “While they were fighting against an enemy that no longer existed,” she tells Goldberg, “an anti-Semitism was gaining force in France stemming notably from the development of fundamentalist Islamist thought.”

Goldberg’s reporting bears out her point.


* Yeah, lots of stage setting in that piece. All of it meant to remind us that somehow European Christians are to blame for the current woes of the Jews…

It would probably be a waste of time to note that the auto‑da‑fé was used against Christian heretics, and that the Inquisition’s purview was restricted to Christians….

And, of course, the real threat to Europe’s Jewry comes from Nazi-Islam…..

And let’s not forget the coming Catholic-Muslim alliance against the Jews….

* Well to be fair the Inquisition spent a lot of time going after crypto-Jews, i.e. Jews who were forced to convert in 1492 and their descendants, many of whom did in fact practice Judaism in secret. Technically they were Christian heretics, but a lot of it was still about the Jews. That and the laws of limpieza de sangre, forbidding descendants of Jews from various positions, even if they were baptized.

* Yes, but Jewish Jews were beyond the authority of the Inquisition. Only Jews who had converted to Catholicism were vulnerable.As for being “forced to convert,” that’s somewhat inaccurate. Only Jews who wanted to stay in Spain had to convert.

* “The resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe is not—or should not be—a surprise. One of the least surprising phenomena in the history of civilization, in fact, is the persistence of anti-Semitism in Europe, which has been the wellspring of Judeophobia for 1,000 years.”

Well then, why didn’t Jews just leave? Europeans didn’t force Jews to stay in Europe. And Europe is not the original land of Jews.

So, if white Christians were so awful, why didn’t Jews in Europe just go to the Middle East, Asia, or Africa where all those wonderful non-whites would surely have welcomed them with open arms?

Jews bitch so much about Europeans and white Americans, but they never wanna live anywhere but in white nations. Why?

Mr. Goldberg, tell your European Jews to leave. No one is stopping them from doing so. And since you Jews profess to love blacks so much, please go settle in black Africa and have your daughters marry black men. Besides, Jews say immigration is so wonderful. Okay, then I suggest all European and American Jews become immigrants in Africa. Yay!

* Perhaps it is time for Jewish Europeans to realize that they are finally on the European team. It’s what they always wanted, until Theodor Herzl got justifiably sick and tired of waiting.

Again, when you focus on a common enemy, it is easy to unite. This time around, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for all Europeans to do.

* In Europe maybe just maybe because Muslims don’t like Jews all that much.

But as most immigrants to the US are non-Muslim, it will never be an issue here.

After, Goldberg asks ‘should Jews leave Europe?’, not ‘should Jews leave America?’

If anything, the European situation could be seen as an argument FOR diversity from the Jewish viewpoint.

After all, suppose Europe were mostly Muslim. Jews would be in big trouble. It’s because Europe is still majority white that Jews feel safe. Diversity is good for Jews.
Indeed, suppose Europe were all white. White might unite against Jewish elites.
So, Muslims(and other immigrants) are useful in making white obsess about blacks and Muslims than about Jews.

Besides, the perception that Muslims are hurting Jews have made Europeans more protective and supportive of Jews. In a way, Goldberg is playing for sympathy by using the ‘diversity’ card. “Help! Help! Muslims are hurting us! White folks, please save us!”
And white Libs, white Cons, and even ‘far right’ figures like Le Pen are siding with Jews. (Never mind Jews had supported massive immigration to Europe.)

Sailer and LePen seem to be hoping for the same thing. When will Jews, with all their talent and money, see the light and come over to the Right?

I say ENOUGH ALREADY. These people are not to be trusted. Even if they do come over, it will be temporary than permanent or in good faith. Once the threat passes, they’ll go back to their old ways and play dirty tricks to do whatever is good for Jews.

* Immediately after the Charlie Hebdo shooting in January, Netanyahu said French Jews were in danger, and urged them to move to Israel where they could be safe. After the Denmark shooting in February, he said Jews were also in danger in Denmark and urged them to move to Israel for their own safety. Then in March he stood before Congress and basically said that every Jew in Israel is on the verge of being murdered by Iran. And nobody bats an eye.

* Maybe it might be time for them to leave. The experiment of diversity might have backfired on them, but maybe not.

McDonald argues that Jewish insecurity lead to creating the ethic of multiculturalism to combat a racially and religiously unified Europe and America.

Jews have followed an evolutionary path of marginally assimilating, maintaining a clannish superiority and sense that transgressions against Gentiles don’t really count. There was a famous case of an orthodox Jew that refused to break Sabbath and allow his phone to be used to phone for medical help when a non-Jew had been involved in an accident. But he would have been allowed to do so had a Jew been hurt. And Jewish scholars upheld that he was correct under Jewish doctrine. And this marginal assimilation has enraged non-Jews for centuries and is the basis for antipathy towards the sect.

The idea of “A man on the street and a Jew in the home” actually means “assimilate just enough to not provoke the ire of the Goyim yet remain clannish and exclusionary with other Jews. Morality and consideration offered to Jews is foolish and unecessary in dealing with Gentiles.”

A Christian, ethnically European populace is a threat to Jewish security so better to promote Diversity, Multiculturalism to reduce, and even eliminate this unified environment to lessen this threat to Jewish non-assimilation. This has been the mission of Jewish academics throughout the 20th century and is the dominate dogma of our time. By crushing Christian religious dominance and cohesion, and replacing it with secular, materialist values, tolerating ever more alternative lifestyles, Jews become more “invisible”, at least “less visible”.

The hope is by creating this consumerist hedonism where nothing is forbidden except intolerance then when immigrants arrive that they become co-opted into the swirling melting pot of western permissiveness, that they abandon whatever religious attitudes that are dangerous to Jews.

And unfortunately for Jews in France, Muslims have resisted this phenomenon. To see native born children of Muslims actually revert to a more stringent faith than their more secular immigrant parents is very dangerous to Jews and is an unintended side effect of the diversity experiment.

As the post on “The Browning of America” shows, the special protected status of Jews in Europe comes under contest when more and more immigrant groups lack the guilt of the holocaust that French whites have.

* Is the Sailerowicz Strategy worth it?

Hasn’t that been the basis of the GOP since the 80s or even the 70s?

On the premise that…

1. Wasps lost their fire and will

2. Wasps lost their moral authority(as Jews used slavery and Holocaust to smear all whites, even Americans who defeated Nazis)

3. Wasp elites married pretty dumb women and produced the likes of George W. Bush and Dan Quayle

…. the brilliant idea was that the GOP would get a second wind by attracting

Jews as

1. Highly energized and talented new elites

2. People with the highest moral authority due to Holocaust

3. Natural Conservatives since they are bound to be rich and successful.

Therefore, in order to win over Jews with all that money, talent, and moral capital,
the big shining idea was to give them everything they want.

So, what happened?

1. Even GOP swallowed MLK and Mandela cult.

2. GOP has been totally complicit in the oppression and destruction of Palestinians, a totally innocent people.

3. Wars for Israel that messed things up royally beginning with the Gulf War(that didn’t assuage Jews in their never-ending Golf War against Wasps)

4. Turning a blind eye to Jewish crookedness on Wall Street, Las Vegas, and Hollywood, therefore ruining the GOP brand as the whore party of plutocrats.

5. Bending over to ‘gay marriage’ embraced and pushed by even Neocons.

6. Never-ending hysteria about Iran(which is funny since Jews endless berate conservatives for their ‘anti-communist hysteria’ in the 50s).

7. War on Russia, a long-suffering nation that went through hell in the 90s not least because of Jewish collusion to form new oligarchs at the expense of Russians. The total messing up of Ukraine.

8. Banning of Neoconfederate symbols.


Has it worked? After all that pandering to Jews, 80% of Jews voted for Obama and gave us Holder, Kagan, Sotomayor, ‘gay marriage’, amnesty, and etc.

Do we exist simply to be abused like an idiot wife? How much more BS and abuse can we take from these people?

I say ENOUGH ALREADY. I say form ANY alliance to break Jewish power.

Do not waste hospitality on people like Goldberg and Nuland. They are vile creatures.

American Conservatives continuing to bet on the Jews would be like Putin putting his trust in Nuland and Gessen in the hope that, gee, maybe they’ll learn to love Russia and Christianity.

I mean come on.

* I was watching the very first episode of the Larry David HBO series. And he is doing stand up comedy. And he says about Bill Clinton:

“What? Does he think he is gonna get a blow job from a Jewish woman and then get off scott free?”

It’s funny.

So leave it to a Jewish girl to turn one blow job into a career. I suppose Great Neck wives have been doing that for decades.

* No contradiction. Israel restricts (quite properly) Muslims as they are not in Europe, and has Jews armed as they are not in Europe. Absent Iran wanting to nuke Israel, the threats Israel faces are quite manageable by … being armed and making ones self a hard target. Iran’s threats to Israel are part of a larger ambition to over-awe and overthrow the Gulf regimes and bring that low-cost production off the world market. Therefore US interests (cheap gas, you can still drive your car) and Israeli interests (they don’t get nuked as an example) are inter-twined and mutually reinforcing. The whole point is moot — Obama is hell-bent on Iranian nukes to stick it Whitey and make Substitute Mommy Val happy. With likely a joint Israeli-Saudi nuke strike (via Pakistan, Saudi’s nuke carry-out joint) on Iran.

But don’t worry. Right after mandatory voting and shower timing penalties, the Lightworker will sort everything out.
This brings out a larger issue. Steve it is not or even mostly Jews who drew the EXACT WRONG CONCLUSION from the Holocaust. The Holocaust happened because:

*An insane, mostly gay (Hitler was gay, gay, gay NOW!) and fringe element took over a strong state with no other institutions than the Army which was filled with mediocrities, all the charismatic ambitious guys being killed on the Western Front.

*Said Army did not act decisively while it still could to forestall disaster (Gen. Sisi has assuredly not made that mistake with Morsi). [His speech on fixing the Jihad part of Islam is worth reading.]

*The rest of Europe was disarmed to use money to buy goodies and votes, and hoped Hitler would fight Stalin (he teamed up with him for years).

*Opportunities for stopping Hitler when he was weak were squandered, leaving him strong.

However the lessons: have a weak, not powerful state, have lots of intermediary institutions, have a strong military that does not take guff from charismatic pols or allow them to run riot, act decisively against threats when they are small — all those did not sit well with a war weary, feminized European public. Who felt the Holocaust happened because there were not enough hugs or something. Or hate speech codes. Most Germans did not vote for Hitler, did not like the Holocaust, but were not going to commit suicide to save Jews either. A few did (the White Rose people).

Goldberg does have a point: Catholic France (Dreyfuss), Southern Germany (the base of the Nazis), were very anti-Semitic, though not of course France. Both England and Spain kicked out Jews. Anti-Jewish sentiment was strong in Poland (Catholic) and Russia/Ukraine (Orthodox). Against that Protestant Denmark and Orthodox Bulgaria worked hard to save as many Jews as they could. So Goldberg’s point is mixed but he does historically have one in part. But only in part.

The problem is the innate pacifism and feminized behavior of modern Europeans, of which European and American Jews are part and parcel. You could read the same thing from say, any one of a dozen Gentile FT or WSJ or NYT writers. All of whom abhor fighting, military service, love a strong state, with weak militaries, and control of every aspect of (White people only) social behavior.

Israel would be no different, save hundreds of millions of Muslims around them intent on killing every last one of them. Something about constant Jihad focuses the mind on survival not Religion. Of Which Goldberg is a fervent convert — to Post Christian PC.

* Jews seem to think they have the God-given right to inhabit everyone else’s countries, and then compete with the natives for dominance, and then expect perfect tolerance. Kinda like they’re supremacist bigots, or something.

* If National Review or any mainstream Conservative outlet were to hire Sailer or someone like him, you bet all the neocons will call for blood and scream BURN THE WITCH, BURN THE WITCH.
And the likes of Goldberg would lead the charge.

So, why does Sailer still hold onto the fantasy?

It’s like Diane Selwyn in MULHOLLAND DR dreaming that ‘Rita’ is her friend when, in fact, Camilla (on whom ‘Rita’ is based) dumped her big time?

Time to wake up. Dream is over.

* Maybe Jews should ask themselves why some people don’t like them — they never really seem to do that. Jews are the original ‘We din do nuffins!’ people.

* Who ever thought it was a great idea to concentrate media, publishing and cultural commentary in Manhattan and run almost all our information and ideas through that one cluster of people, with their odd kinks and obsessions?

They really can’t be bothered to understand that the FN comes out of the grand schism in French political life caused by the Algerian War and the fact that the aboriginal, indigenous French don’t much like having their homeland taken away. The evidence is overwhelming that the FN is not the party of Vichy nostalgia but that doesn’t seem to matter. Just last week the Socialist Prime Minister of France was in a tizzy because a city with an FN mayor decided to rename a street in honour of an army officer involved in the Algerian War and the failed coup against de Gaulle.

Why would the FN celebrate a hero of the French Resistance who was sent to Buchenwald? I guess I’ll have to wait for Jeffrey Goldberg or Leon Wieseltier to figure it out and let me know.

* Yeah, if they won’t save White people, maybe space aliens will. Because apparently the idea of us being on our own side is a non-starter.

* According to interviews and reports in Berlin papers they are mostly hardcore leftists flocking to multicultural/leftist Berlin which they sort of don’t consider to be Germany proper–Berlin is hip as is eg Barcelona. Low living costs compared to back home, cheap rents above all. They can afford to have family here… maybe back (or wherever) later when things change, eg when Bibi has to leave office–they hate him. Jews get German passports or residence permits easily due to post-WWII regulations, it’s easier than in other European countries. One Berlin Israeli posted his supermarket bill on facebook, showing how one particular brand of yogurt popular in Israel was three times cheaper over here. Caused quite some anger, he got called sell out and traitor.

* The Jews are loath to give up the Nazi holocaust card because it the single biggest chit they have ever had with humanity.

* An easy way to understand the difference between Jews and white gentiles is: Jews kick white gentiles’ asses; white gentiles kiss Jews’ asses.

Now that is surely an oversimplification, but the witless white gentile needs to start somewhere, and starting here is going to prove far more fruitful than starting with the assumption that Jews are powerless and oppressed.

* W most likely was just a puppet president. The real power in the administration was in the hands of Dick Cheney, the Israeli/neoconservative intelligentsia and oligarchs, the Goldman Sachs crowd (Paulson, etc.), and the CIA/FBI/military. W was nothing more than a front man. Anyone who’s listened to the man speak or debate can’t help but be shocked at his shortcomings. No way was that man in any type of decision making role.

Of course, Barack Obama isn’t much better. The men pulling his strings are his Jewish advisers (Axelrod, Plouffe, Rahm Emmanuel), the CIA/FBI/military Deep State, Wall Street (Summers, Geithner), and a few Democratic-aligned oligarchs. Obama is a much better speaker than W and somewhat more intelligent, but I really doubt he’s running his administration.

There’s evidence to suggest the Obama and his parents might’ve worked for the CIA in the past. If we assume this to be true, then maybe Obama’s rise was engineered by the Deep State. That could explain how a relatively undistinguished state senator quickly rose from obscurity to become the Illinois Senator and the the Democratic presidential front runner. Maybe the Deep State connected him with financiers and talented political organizers, while also manipulating news coverage and party bosses.

Eisenhower warned about the growing influence of the Deep State “military-industrial complex” during the end of his presidency. After JFK was assassinated by a conspiracy of various Deep State figures (Ruby, Oswald, David Ferrie, Clay Shaw, E Howard Hunt, David Morales, Cord Meyer) and later RFK, Deep State took control of the presidency. LBJ was obviously a CIA collaborator in the JFK assassination, Nixon was involved in the assassination too, and Gerald Ford helped with the Warren Commission cover up. Bill Clinton helped with the CIA cocaine trafficking through Mena, Arkansas, when Clinton was governor of the state. W’s father was former CIA director. Our government was pretty much been run by Deep State collaborators since JFK’s assassination.

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