Orthodox Union In-Fighting

A source says: “There was a huge fight that ended last year. Rabbi Steven Burg was supposed to be rising to a leadership role but was aligned with the losers and had to depart for the Museum of Tolerance. Rabbi Steven Weil was supposed to be on his way out, but was aligned with the winners, and stayed put. Not a healthy organizational culture.”

Another source says: “I’m not sure Rabbi Weil was necessarily a winner there — perhaps a survivor. He is no longer Executive Vice President/Chief Professional Officer; some other rabbi holds that position. Weil is something like Senior Managing Director, which seems to involve a lot of travel to OU shuls. I’d look for him to leave in the next few years. Also, Paul Glasser has left the OU and is now working for Yeshiva University, as he did until the early 1980s.”

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