A People That Shall Dwell Alone

A friend says: I finished Kevin MacDonald‘s A People That Shall Dwell Alone. I had no idea that Haredim hated red haired dudes so much!

He wrote it in early 90s, and does not / did not see or foretell how massive Jewish – Gentile marriage would be among non-Haredi Jews. He also failed to understand that the rising demo of Jews, the Haredim, are incapable of lording over gentiles because they raise their kids to be incapable of interacting with the broader culture, denying them even Mexican level education

There is a quote or two that I found funny. Haredi men with red hair say it is hard to find a mate because red hair is said to not look Jewish.
Also, this sentence that I jotted down: “In looking at photographs of groups of Haredim one is struck by their almost clone-like degree of phenotypic resemblance.”
Yup to that. Especially the girls. They all look like sisters or first cousins. Because often they are the product of highly consanguineous marriages.
These people will go the way of Jews living in Muslim lands. Impoverished and viewed with disgust by the broader culture, even if they are not persecuted for their beliefs (far from it).
In NY, these kids leave school barely knowing what a 10 year old Mexican knows, apart from Toyreh.

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