The Jew’s Representative Penetrates VIP Briefing On Anti-Semitism

The American Cinema Foundation and with co-hosts Lionel Chetwynd, Matt DelPiano, Tom Dreesen, Matthew Duda, Bob Gale, Gary McVey, Bruce Ramer, Gary Sinise, Jon Voight and David Zucker presents a program Sunday on the threat Jew-hatred poses to the United States.

The lunch event is closed to the press but as this week’s Jewish Journal cover story will tell you this week, I’m not press.

I see a few bloggers among the VIPs including Bradley Fikes and David and Julie Scott.

I’m ribbed about being the Jews’ representative.

My eyes fasten on Morgan Fairchild, the most erotic woman in the world to me during high school.

Gary McVey, Gary Sinise and Pat Boone are just folks aka particularly friendly.

Rob Long sits up front. To his left and back is Tom Arnold, who sits next to Azerbaijan’s Muslim ambassador and wife.

I snag a place in the back and a few minutes later am joined by KABC’s Doug McIntyre and his wife.

"How’s your book doing?" I ask.

"I don’t write books," Doug responds. "I’m a talkshow host."

"Oh, I thought you had a book out."


My friend and teacher (sarcasm will be explained if you click this link) Dennis Prager walks in with a slim attractive blonde about 40. He sits in the back. There’s a stream of people who go over to greet him, including McIntyre.

Lunch includes a bagel, lox, cream cheese, tomato slices and fruit.

The lights go out and the curtains roll down.

"Now they’re going to kill all the liberals," said the painter next to me.

Actor Gary Sinise introduces the program. Lionel Chetwyn (who’s about to shoot ‘The Resurrection’ for Sony, I assume this is about Jesus) serves as the master of ceremonies.

He recalls a quote by his mentor Carl Foreman, "Beware the fearless defenders of the safely contentious."

Much of the program is a collection of horrifying clips of Jew-hatred from Arabic and Islamic TV.

I learn that all the jihadi websites are hosted by American companies (who usually claim to be ignorant of the content).

When it comes time for question, McIntyre leaps to his feet and goes off about, which he says promotes Palestinian liberation along with the reconquista movement (to take back America’s southwest for Mexico).

A woman in the audience says that the mosques on Vermon and in Culver City feature hate literature such as the Protocols of Zion.

Tom Arnold complains about the low production quality of the anti-semitic clips (some of which are dramatizations of Jews sacrificing goyim to make matza).

"Notice how the actors jump up to ask questions," notes one observer.

A speaker says that according to certain Muslims, the son Abraham prepares to sacrifice is Ishmael (not Isaac as the Bible portrays).

"Wow!" Prager exhales… "That is…"

A speaker keeps using Prager’s famous example of the Jews as the miner’s canary (more sensitive to toxic fumes).

Lionel Chetwynd says a young woman on an Arabic-Islamic youth website said that when she grew up, she wanted to be a doctor or lawyer or actress of suicide bomber.

Gary Sinise intervenes so the Azerbaijan ambassador can speak. He says his people request Jewish teachers because Jews have a reputation for being smart and rich. His Muslim country wants to profit from them.

There are a lot of hot chicks in the room but I’ve lost my mojo.

I walk outside into the sun. Passing Dennis Prager, I shiver. 

I wonder when the men in white will close in and take me away to a better place where I can’t hurt myself or others.

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