Boyfriend and girlfriend have a chat.

Girlfriend says: "Jimmy, how do you spell ‘pedophilia’?"
Boyfriend looks at her in amazement. "Gosh, honey, that’s an awfully big word for an eight year old."

But that’s not the funniest thing I heard today.

This true story is: In the 1970s, sixteen sailors, after making a frantic "mayday!" call, jumped overboard into the North Sea with their life jackets on as their boat was going down.

Ninety minutes later they were all rescued alive. This is amazing. The North Sea is so cold that people often die in it after as little as 30 minutes of immersion.

The sailors were wrapped in blankets, brought below decks and given hot drinks, after which they all promptly died.

The shock of their body so rapidly returning to normal temperature killed them.

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