Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff Shocked There Isn’t Automatic Internet Censorship

Does Judaism side more with censorship or free speech? It’s not clear, but there’s certainly a strong censorious side with the rabbinate.

Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff rejoices in gifts from his students. In this March 1, 2015 talk, he says: “One of them is a new computer from a grateful talmid (student). One thing I learned from the computer is what’s very interesting the comments that people blog in. Some of them are absolute idiocy. Some of them are half-wits. Some of them specialize in cursing and maladdicting. It’s amazing that in the computer, there isn’t automatic censorship. Why do I have to see terrible language blogged in to some article? Some of the comments are unbelievably insightful.”

I find it interesting that the first thing the rabbi does with his new computer is to search the web for his own name.

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