Do 100 Million Gentile Victims Of Communism Deserve A Memorial?

Jewish groups can’t get enough Holocaust memorials, they can’t get enough mandatory Holocaust education, but they’re uninterested in memorials for the victims of communism. I suspect that has to do with the vital role that Jews played in the development and execution of communism, including its numerous genocides in the Soviet Union. Thousands of Jews acted as Stalin’s willing executioners. Jewish groups don’t like to talk about this. They’re much more comfortable with portraying Jews as perpetual victims of evil Gentiles.

When Jewish groups say they want to educate people about the Holocaust to prevent genocide from happening again, it’s a lie. These Jewish groups want to use the Holocaust as a stick to beat the Gentiles into submission so that they never ask inconvenient questions such as why is America so closely aligned with Israel when that may be against America’s best interests, what are the differences between the races, is America’s mass importation of immigrants over the past 50 years in America’s interests, and the like.

Muslims can’t help being Muslims, but high IQ Jews have a choice and when they choose to push for endless memorials for Jewish suffering and mandatory Holocaust education, but seek to minimize attention paid to the Jewish role in the execution of communist genocides, they are deliberately weakening Gentile nations for their own advantage. A hundred years ago, WASPs ruled the world. Today the most powerful group is probably Jews. That position comes with responsibility.

The goyim can’t help it that they’re not as smart, on average, as Ashkenazi Jews. The goyim can’t match the Jewish passion for success in this world, but the goyim have the numbers and the strength and they can hurt Jews en masse any time they feel like it so perhaps Jewish groups should be careful about seeking things for their own group that they would not also want for Gentiles (such as group solidarity).

Canada’s government is building a memorial in Ottawa to the victims of communism. Jewish groups have nothing to say about the matter. Judging by their silence, they could care less about the victims of communism. The Simon Wiesental Center has said nothing in favor of this memorial.

The news media pours scorn on the idea of a memorial for the victims of communism even as it fawns over ever-increasing numbers of Holocaust museums.

Orthodox Jews, by and large, could care less about Holocaust museums and fighting anti-Semitism. They have mitzvahs (divine commandments) to keep and Torah to study. They have busy lives. They have Jewish day schools to pay for. But for Jews with no shame, it’s a great living (thousands of Jews earn good money from the Holocaust industry). They rake it in by frightening old Jews and dumb goyim that the Cossacks are coming.

According to the Forward, Dec. 15, 2013:

Marvin Hier, the longtime head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, is “by far the most overpaid CEO,” the analysis concluded, earning more than double the amount expected, given the size of his organization.

I think most Gentiles would feel ashamed to get rich from selling the Holocaust, but Jews such as Marvin Hier ($790,000 in 2012), Abraham Cooper ($515,000), and company have no such shame. The goyim are simply sheep to be fleeced.

The Simon Wiesental Center rabbis have long enjoyed comely shiksa secretaries with great tits that they could take on their trips around the world, rooming near each other in great hotels. Talk about screwing the goyim.

Back in the day, it seemed like only shiksas with that no-holes-barred “You can do anything to me” look got hired as secretaries at the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Former employees describe the Simon Wiesenthal Center as “the best little whorehouse on Pico Blvd.”

Steve Sailer writes:

While reading the furious (if often contradictory) denunciations in the New York Times and elsewhere of the the Stephen Harper government in Canada’s plans to build in Ottawa a Memorial to the Victims of Communism, I never learned, until one of my commenters pointed out that Harper government is simultaneously sponsoring the construction of a nearby National Holocaust Monument, of generally similar style and size, with a slightly larger budget…

And here’s the mock-up view of the completely non-controversial Daniel Libeskind National Holocaust Monument not far away, near the National War Museum:

And, when I go to look up the Harper government’s write-ups of the two projects, it turns out the Canadian government puts them together on a single webpage:

List of upcoming projects

In other words, the Harper government is treating the two memorials as a tandem. The Holocaust memorial has a budget planned to be maybe 50% larger, while the Victims of Communism might get a larger site, but then much of that is being preserved as a lawn, while the Holocaust site is being landscaped to repel people wanting to eat lunch or sunbathe. The Holocaust gets a site closer to tourists, the Communism gets a site closer to government workers. The Holocaust monument is expected to be finished by the end of 2015 while “key elements” of the Communism memorial will be finished by the fall of 2015. And so forth.

It seems pretty fair. Now that’s traditionally how politics is done: you package a couple of give-aways to a couple of voter blocs together, because attacking one would be seen, in effect, as attacking the other. Reciprocity.

But, less and less does that kind of reciprocal thinking come naturally to 21st Century pundits. Almost nobody on the Internet seems to have noticed the obvious linkage between the two projects.

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* It’s about winning hearts & minds, duh. It’s about sending children to a museum for an hour of anti-communist education to balance out the thousands of hours of pro-communist brainwashing they will undoubtably receive.

* I guess people who lived under communism are not the right kind of immigrants. They come with all this non-progressive baggage.

In the late 1990s I took a long car-service ride with a driver who was a Polish immigrant. I asked him what surprised him most about the United States. He told me three things: “Rudeness”, “affirmative action”, and “that you are subject to more propaganda here than we were under communism.”

* You can’t make an omelet without breaking 100+ million eggs.

* This is depressing, but hardly for the reasons Ms. Blumberg cites. It’s depressing that the spokesman for the “Conservative” party Klimkowski gloats about the change in Canada’s demographics, insisting that Anglo-Saxons are no longer the face of Canada’s people. It’s depressing also that no matter what the issue, Mr. Blumberg types will always be at the forefront of any attempt to steer the Narrative in a direction they don’t like.

That being said, absolutely, no group deserves to have their day in the Victim’s podium as much as the Ukrainians. It’s absolutely shameful that the Holodomor is not part of our everyday language, but Ms. Blumberg types refuse to give any group any credence, thinking acknowledgement that the 20th Century was full of awful for more than just Jews somehow diminishes the Holocaust.

I once had an e-mail exchange with Jonah Goldberg about an article of his pretty much saying that all Germans and not just the Nazis were responsible for the Holocaust. I said that was an irresponsible position and told him that Slezkine’s The Jewish Century might be interesting reading. He told me there was no point discussing it further because I hated Jews.

But it doesn’t matter. This just reminds me of the furor over Courtois’ Black Book and no one even thinks about it now. Until communism’s horrors are portrayed multiple times annually in theaters and TV, the mass of Whites will never know about them.

* It can’t be a New York Times article without getting an opinion from Jewish individual. Not a surprise what the Jewish lady says or what the dominant opinion on the commenter section is. It’s so cliche and predictable.

* I know that there are a lot of anti white people out there, but it just floors me when they are so brazen about it.

* Canada can probably be said to have punched above its weight during the Cold War and has more of a relation to the issue of the monument than most.

* Don’t hold back, Mr. Klimkowski. We all know the evil Anglo Saxon’s were instrumental in the 1917 revolution. Just look at Lenin’s cabinet. More than half English. Well, British anyways. Let’s just say Scots-Irish.

And Ms. Blumberg’s people are a shining example to the world. Always drawn to “democratic values”. And always ready to get out once their brethren are finished looting. Good riddance South Africa and Eastern Europe, hello naive Canadians.

* Canada did a lot to welcome communist China onto the world stage in the 70s without any embarrassing questions about human rights. Perhaps this is good karma.

A bit of a downer for the poor victims of Communism to be remembered in a back water like Ottawa though.

* Immigrants who lived under communism are pretty much the only immigrants who will vote Republican.

* Back in 1991 I went to the Anne Frank House/ Museum in Amsterdam. When I returned with a friend in 1995 the theme had moved on from a Holocaust to Holocaust/LGBT. Crass but a seemingly inevitable progression.

* The NYT can’t actually say that to be anti-Communist is to be anti-Semitic, but that appears to be what Ms Blumberg is thinking.

Funny that a “victims of Capitalism” memorial would likely be considered anti-Semitic, too.

* Which raises an interesting question, why is the U.S. Holocaust Museum on our National Mall? To make it relevant I propose that we re-conceptualize and universalize the Holocaust. So far from being a unique historical event, it was in many ways an emblematic one. By that I mean that there was not a single outrage perpetrated against the Jewish people by the Nazis between 1933 and 1945 which had not been committed countless times against equally innocent men, women, and children all over the world in the last 500 years. A terrible human price has been paid to build the modern world. Arbeit Macht Frei indeed! We should remember them all.

* I suppose the media opposes recognizing the crimes of communism now for precisely the same reasons they preferred to gloss over them while they were taking place. How many glowing reviews of Lenin and Stalin’s Russia were published in the NYT as those two were erecting death camps and carrying out purges?

* For the record, Ottawa is a famously dull city.

There are museums etc, but the general feeling is as a National Capitol, it’s an embarrassment.

In Canada today things are done to appease immigrant communities, we get the ‘museum of tolerance’ in Winnipeg, to essentially guilt trip whites about the Holocaust and the poor state of Native Indians. Then we get the ‘Pier 21′ in Halifax to celebrate immigration (both largely spearheaded by jewish groups)

I think the more conservative Eastern European Gentiles finally decided they want a museum about themselves too so we will get their anti-communist museum now.

In Canada everything is about balancing carefully each group and region, to make sure no group of significant size feels left out. The government tries hard to keep everyone happy, to their credit, but absolutely everyone feels perpetually short changed!

* I’ve always thought that the Holocaust Museum in Washington makes no sense. The Holocaust was a European event. Americans didn’t run Treblinka or Sobibór. Bełżec was in Poland, not Pennsylvania. A Holocaust museum belongs in Germany or Poland or Romania or Israel. Not in Washington.

* Ms Blumberg has gotten into the position of being a gatekeeper of sorts where her views outweigh the views of others. She’s something of a commissar. She is an immigrant herself she’s going to tell other immigrants what Canada is all about. Being from South Africa also raises the question of whether her family was involved in any-apartheid activities there or were associated with the SA communist party. It could be she’s pro-communist which is why she prefers a victims of communism monument to look as bland and inoffensive as possible, a Disney experience for children.

* I heard an interview with the man behind this project, on Minnesota Public Radio, about a month ago. The female interviewer (I’m not even sure they HAVE any male interviewers) was overtly hostile from the opening question, and the whole interview was conducted on the basis that it was somehow inappropriate to memorialize the victims of Communism per se, and that only a memorial that also included the victims of the Third Reich, could ever be acceptable to right-thinking people. I find Minnesota Public Radio to be the most interesting thing to listen to here in the Sioux Falls area (it sure beats South Dakota Public Radio!), but after listening to that Bolshevist rant, I was damn glad not to be a financial contributor.

* There is a small museum in the Pacific Northwest that commemorates the victims of the Cambodian Holocaust. It is privately owned and supported by Cambodian refugees and their friends.

We need more of these museums. We also need more movies about the atrocities of the Communists. Andy Garcia was blacklisted by the “tolerant” and “open-minded” liberals of Hollywood for making a film that dissed Castro and Che. Then he doubled-down by making an indie film that dissed the Mexican Marxists of the Mexican revolution. I don’t think Garcia gets many Hollywood party invites these days. We need more people like Garcia brave enough to stand up against The Narrative.

Judging from the way the “tolerant” and “open-minded” liberals of the NYT are screeching hysterically and angrily about this project, more movies like the ones Garcia makes are well past due.

* I wrote a college paper at Rice comparing what American pundits and intellectuals said about Red China in 1972-73 to what British pundits and intellectuals said about the Soviet Union in the 1930s (Bertrand Russell being an honorable exception – he’d made the pilgrimage to the Soviet Union a decade earlier than most, met Lenin, and came away despising the Bolshies.)

* British Prime Minister David Cameron this month promised to spend £50 million of taxpayers money on a huge Holocaust Memorial “and learning centre” slap bang in the middle of London next to Tower Bridge. (That sum to be matched or exceeded from private sources.)

The Jewish dominated Holocaust Commission who are to pick a winning design promise it will be able to process thousands of schoolkids each year via the miracle of virtual reality headsets which will transport them back to the thirties.

Oh and in a subtle shift. The literature makes clear that the British will in future have to atone for our part in the Holocaust. It was our fault as well apparently. Britain already has more than 100 Holocaust memorials, plaques and statues. This massive new one will be modelled on the Holocaust Museum in Washington. Yad Vashem in Israel and the 9/11 Centre in New York

Cameron, who has visited Auschwitz, personally assured the Knesset he was “one of them” and attended every major Jewish/financial networking event in London, faces re-election in May.

He has been criticised into refusing inquiries into numerous criminal activities in London’s financial services sector.

He has also been criticised for refusing an inquiry into the rape of at least 1,400 children by Muslim gangs in Rotherham. (similar inquiries in other towns are being kept on ice pre-election.)

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