Sex & The Jews

Are Jews more obsessed about sex than other people? That’s the complaint of many people who don’t like Jews. That was one of Hitler’s complaints about Jews in his book Mein Kampf.

I say Jews are a reflection of Judaism’s greater ease with the natural passions for things such as sex, honor, money, fame, etc.

Almost everybody wants good sex, good money, good fame and the like. I don’t think Jews want these things more than other people, they just feel freer than most people to voice what they want because Judaism is a religion of law, allowing the Jew to be more open about what is going on inside of him. Jews are more open, in general, more emotional, more passionate, than non-Jews.

A major reason that the sacred texts of Judaism devote so much space to sex is that Judaism and Jews are focused on this life. Judaism is the most this-life focused of the world’s religions and sex is a major pre-occupation for people in this world. Saints don’t worry about sex, humans do.

The most comprehensive survey of American’s sexual habits found that Jews, more than any other religion, had the most sex partners (approximately twice as many as Catholics and Protestants). I suspect that most of the Jews in the survey, like most Jews in America, were secular and therefore less inhibited.

In real life, it is easy to notice that Jews tend to speak more frankly about sex, money, power, fame, honor and the like and that secular Jews are more uninhibited sexually, in general, than other white people, while traditional Orthodox Jews are more likely than the goyim to reserve sex for marriage.

For one comparison of the different Jewish and Gentile attitudes to sex and hookers etc, look at the difference in attitudes in Israel and America. Prostitution is essentially legal and widespread in Israel while it is illegal in most of America.

The world’s pornography industry and sex trafficking industry have a disproportionate number of secular Jews in them. In American legal history, it has largely been secular Jews who’ve pushed for more liberal and accepting attitudes towards sex, porn and the like. American Jews have long opposed censorship of pornography at a much higher rate than other religious and ethnic groups.

As someone who grew up in churches but then converted to Judaism in his 20s, I find much more frank talk about sex, porn, prostitution and the like at shul than I ever did at church.

Judaism has a strict moral code and Orthodox Jews, by and large, tend to live by it at least as much as other groups live up to their codes. As befitting their high average IQ, Jews, I am sure, commit sex crimes at a much lower rate than Gentiles. Jews have long been famous for the stability and depth of their family life. Everywhere Jews have gone in the world, they’ve tended to have a more stable family life than their Gentile neighbors and to commit crimes at a lower rate, including sexual crimes. On the other hand, secular Jews have pushed for looser sexual mores and this has disproportionately hurt the low IQ groups, such as blacks, more than high IQ groups such as themselves.

Those Jews who are the most Jewish, who most practice Judaism, who most study the Talmud, are the most sexually moral. They have stable family lives. They’re law abiding. They are the group of Jews who pose the least threat to goyim. They are the least likely to have any kind of intercourse with goyim, sexual, social or whatever. There are lots of things in Talmud that sound horrible on their face, but Talmud is meant to be studied with a learned rabbi and the process of studying it is usually elevating. There aren’t many Jews who come out of a Talmud class and start raping and pillaging.

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