Faults of your group

It would be a better world if people could be open and forthright about obvious faults of their group.

Here’s one shining example: Black intellectual W. E. B. Du Bois developed a list for “Some Notes on Negro Crime” (1904):

1. Abuse of their new freedom and tendency toward idleness and vagrancy.
2. Loose ideas of property, petty pilfering.
3. Unreliability, lying, and deception.
4. Exaggerated ideas of personal rights, irritability, and suspicion.
5. Sexual looseness, weak family life, and poor training of children; lack of respect for parents.
6. Lack of proper self-respect; low or extravagant ideals.
7. Poverty, low wages, and lack of accumulated property.
8. Lack of thrift and prevalence of the gambling spirit.
9. Waywardness of the “second generation.”
10. The use of liquor and drugs.

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