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Joe emails:

What is the difference between god and Antonio Villaraigosa?

God is everywhere. Antonio is everywhere but Los Angeles.

A decent candidate with some minority flavor could and should beat AV in the mayoral election. Hahn lost because the days of white mayors who are better at napping than governing is over. After AV, the days of an unqualified minority candidate better at scoring south of the mendoza line than governing may be over. A woman candidate like Laura Chick would be great (I said like, laura looks like crap run over twice and needs to think about getting off of television yesterday), or if there was a single qualified black person in government in los angeles to run, that would be good. In the meantime, magic johnson, rick caruso, or someone with bux should take the guy on.

You have to read dershowitz’s reasoning for supporting Obama. It makes sense. There is this perception that the Jews, while giving money to democrats are not true believers in the democratic program. Well, the perception is true, and it is because of Israel. The world view from pelosi, reid, durbin, et. al. is that america should maybe not kill arabs or support governments who kill arabs. The world view from the GOP is that after 9/11, let’s kill all the arabs and god can sort them out. Well, due to bush absolutely screwing the game up on everything, the dems are riding to power and we Jews better show that not only can we write checks, we actually believe that you can settle disputes with islam in the same way you can settle disputes over fishing rights off the bering sea, with negotiations and treaties. If we do not support the dems, we will not have a seat at the table. It is not a bad argument, but I think most affiliated jews see in Obama the type of person who has no allegiance to Israel, and actually an allegiance to the most radical of causes.

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