NYT: France is scrambling to remedy the inequities highlighted by the Charlie Hebdo attack…

I’m reading this New York Times article and I start choking at this: “France is scrambling to remedy the inequities highlighted by the Charlie Hebdo attack…”

The Charlie Hebdo attack highlighted inequalities? I thought the Charlie Hebdo attack highlighted the challenge of absorbing some Muslims into first world countries.

The inequalities that Muslims deal with in France have little to do with France and everything to do with Islam being a religion of the low IQ. Muslims, when there are millions of them, are not flourishing in any other western country. For every Western country that has had to deal with millions of blacks and Muslims and Gypsies, they’ve been a challenge.

Blacks, Muslims, gypsies and other low-achieving groups are not directed by Heaven to forever under-achieve in various categories. On the other hand, fast solutions to these challenges are not obvious.

It’s like America’s race problems. They have little to do with America and everything to do with the different abilities of different peoples. Blacks have an average IQ in America of 85, latinos are at 90, whites at 100, East-Asians at 105 and Ashkenazi Jews are around 110. This is going to produce different life results.

The New York Times paragraph in full reads: “France is scrambling to remedy the inequities highlighted by the Charlie Hebdo attack, troubles that have unraveled the nation’s social fabric and alienated Muslim and migrant youths, radicalizing a few. Urban renewal and remapping the capital are a start.”

Inequalities unraveled the nation’s social fabric? Muslim and black immigration to France unraveled the nation’s fabric, like it does everywhere else in the first world. Urban renewal and remapping cities has never solved these problems.

“But France must also reckon with its abiding racism, which pushed poor and unwanted citizens out from central Paris in the first place.”

Would there be any rational reason why rich people living in central Paris would not want a bunch of criminally inclined immigrants near them? Islam and France, right now, appear incompatible. This is not immutable. This is just what is happening now.

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