Jews & Vaccination

Why are Jews like Mayim Bialik trying to convince the goyim not to vaccinate their children? Is it a plot to reduce the number of whites in America? No! Most Jews support vaccines but many Jewish schools have low vaccination rates. Why are so many Jewish parents opting to not vaccinate their kids? Because it is a Jewish stupidity like communism, socialism, and feminism.


…Bialik has shrugged off what is to date the most astonishing medical miracle of the modern era: Vaccines. Bialik has, somewhat quietly until recently, made statements about shirking vaccines for her two sons.

After a Kveller piece went live discussing why one mother, due to her Jewish beliefs, decided to vaccinate, Bialik posted a rebuttal on her popular Facebook page only to delete it hours later (a screenshot is below). Why did Bialik delete the post, that in my memory was her first open declaration of anti-vaccination beliefs? Unclear. Hopefully, it was due to the heat she received from her normally loyal Jewish fan base.

Few, if any, role models proudly wear their Judaism as a religion on their sleeve in the manner that Bialik does. Her pride in Jewish observance is in stark contrast to how most of Hollywood portrays Judaism, which depicts it as a mere culture with Ashkenazi food and obsessive compulsive jokesters.

A friend writes: “Kudos to Mayim for having the courage to standup for what she believes in!!!”

Luke: “Kudos to ISIS for the same courage to stand up for what they believe in!”

Deb: “Is the world coming to an end? Do I agree with Luke Ford? It’s one thing to stand up for what you believe in but her influence of anti-vax is dangerous.”

Chaim Amalek: I fear that if the measles does explode across America then the Jews will be collectively damned for the misery caused by a failure to vaccinate. “That miserable Jewess Mayim Bialik told me not to vaccinate my kids and so I didn’t. Now see what has happened to me.”

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