The Muslims Of Early America

Great, I wake up to see a New York Times op-ed by Peter Manseau, winner of the National Jewish Book Award, on the big role Muslims played in the founding of America.

According to his website: “A founding editor of and coauthor with Jeff Sharlet of Killing the Buddha: A Heretic’s Bible, he received his doctorate in religion from Georgetown University, and is currently curating an exhibit on America’s diverse religious past for the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History.”

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* Thomas Jefferson sent the Marines to “the shores of Tripoli” to suppress Muslim slavers.

Is anyone ever going to apologise for this “crusade”? Many Muslims were slain in the name of Deism.

* Well, at least they haven’t yet claimed that Muslims reached America before Columbus, as the delusional Erdogan has done.

* I’ve also heard that Mohammad had a nifty apple pie recipe that was copied by the Puritans.

* Yes, I guess it was a bit of luck that instead of ‘In God We Trust’ we weren’t stuck with ‘Allāhu Akbar’.


* Here in Sweden I have been hearing: Ramadan is a Swedish tradition. Has been voiced for at least 6 years but it seems to have intensified. During this stay I have been visiting the many graveyards in the scattered villages of Scania. I am yet to see a muslim sounding name, though there are many recent muslim additions in the bigger cities.

* Firstly the notion that there was anything but the most cursory, passing presence of individual Muslims in the territory of the states prior to independence from Britain, is just pure, sheer, unadulterated bullshit, to put it politely, which no one with a brain or with the merest acquaintance with the history of the states should take seriously for one second. It is as truthful as saying that the moon is made of green cheese.
In fact all the way down to the Kennedy/Johnson disaster of 1965, Muslims were to all intents and purposes simply ‘statistically insignificant’ to quote the jargon, when compared to the size of the US population. We’re talking of ‘parts per million’ here.
Secondly, the point about Barbary Corsairs is pertinent. Black Americans never ever forgive whitey, or indeed let him forget. In fact as time passes, the ‘memory’ is getting stronger and not fading away.
By contrast, the damned stupid fools who run France, Spain, Italy etc seem to have no memory of and no thirst to punish the descendants of those corsairs who so brutally rapined hundreds of thousands of their countrymen for centuries. In fact, the damned stupid fools policy seems to be to hand over the nations the corsairs ravished to the descendants of the corsairs, so that they can be properly ravished this time around.
As a generalization, whites forgive, too much in fact, but blacks sure to hell never.

* If you are running a media outlet that is on the side of the Coalition of the Fringes, then it only makes sense to do a lot of thought policing to protect all of the fringe groups.

You can then produce many narratives about conflict, which is what you need to attract an audience. These narratives can all have a good guy (insulted fringe group member) and a bad guy (wrong kind of white male), which makes them more interesting and exciting.

In our economic system, all the money flows to the Alpha Pigs at the top. Thought policing is not only a cheap way to reward fringe groups, it actually makes money for media outlets by producing marketable stories. It is much, much cheaper than any program of real redistribution of wealth to the fringes.

It also helps to keep the coalition together if they all can engage in the shared activity of thought policing. It’s a fun activity: just find one of your political opponents saying something that ostensibly offends you and bring the media hammer down!

This article about Muslims does not have an actual offender to be attacked and ostracized, but it is a kind of pre-emptive attack against anyone who would say something bad about Muslims, who are a fully accepted fringe group. Some ignorant yahoos, for example, might say that America is historically a Christian nation.

But anyone who examines the facts knows that Muslims were a key part of America’s founding stock! Bible thumpers need to watch their mouths!

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