Capturing The Friedmans

What a disturbing and brilliant documentary!

Without knowing anything special, I believe the father in this documentary, Arnold, and his son Jesse, did not commit the crimes to which they plead guilty.

Unfortunately, many ignorant people will watch this film and think that Jews have a disturbing number of perverts among them. That of course is nonsense. Jews are identical to goyim in every way except in the ways that they are superior.

Statistics show that criminals have low IQs, about 85 on average in the USA, and so the higher the IQ of a person, the less likely he is to get convicted of crimes. By that reasoning, I suspect Jews commit sexual crimes less frequently than non-Jews.

As someone who grew up a WASP, has lived around many different types of people, and converted to Orthodox Judaism, I can say that Jews do tend to be more open about the natural passions for things such as sex, beauty, power, honor, and money.

In The Wolf of Wall Street, one clue that the movie is about Jews is when the father Max tells Jordan he never minded the bush on a woman. Goyim parents don’t talk like that to their kids.

I’ll never forget the Orthodox Jewish couple who told me that they gave their 13 yo son for his bar mitzvah a copy of Penthouse and a jar of vaseline. To relate such a thing in my Adventist upbringing would have been unthinkable. In my experience, Jews are much more open to talking and laughing about these things.

Jews tend to be more emotional than non-Jews, and more open about what they’re thinking and feeling. They’re more likely to tolerate argument and to be more supportive of free speech.

New Zealand goy psychologist James Flynn relates a story about his year in America living on a cul-de-sac with three other couples. He noticed that after dinner, the Chinese kids settled down to do their homework, the Jews yelled at each other and then the kids settled down to do their homework, and the blacks, even though the parents were professionals, after dinner they played basketball.

The Jewish openness to argument is on painful display in this Capturing the Friedmans documentary. I find it hard to imagine a goy family carrying on like this.

Jews tend to be more opposed to censorship of pornography than any other ethnic or religious group, and more pro-gay and pro-tranny. On average Jews have stronger family life than non-Jews, but as a group Jews tend to favor the government taking a liberal stand on sexual matters.

The 1994 University of Chicago Sex in America survey found that Jews have twice as many sex partners as the next closest religious group.

Orthodox Jews will channel their passions within the restrictions of Torah and thus be more circumspect in their behavior, on average, than goyim. But if an Orthodox Jew strays sexually, from what I have seen, he rarely seems burdened by the same type of disabling guilt that affects the straying Christian. From a Judaic perspective, a sexual sin is a sin like breaking the Sabbath, not keeping kosher, not saying your prayers, etc. It is just one sin among hundreds. For conservative Christians, by contrast, sexual sins are the worst sins.

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