Are There Jewish Interests?

I consider it as obvious as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west that different groups have different interests that frequently clash.

For instance, it is in black and latino interests in the United States that there be high taxation on high earners to pay for generous welfare programs as blacks and latinos tend to reside at the lowest levels of the socio-economic spectrum, proportionately take more welfare than do whites and asians, and proportionately have fewer members of their group earning high incomes and possessing great wealth. So strong taxes on wealth to subsidize the poor is in the interests of blacks and latinos in the United States.

What are asian interests in America? Avoiding public discussion of racial differences as asians tend to be more intelligent, more law abiding, and more prosperous than other races and open discussion of this could stir resentment. Avoiding public discussion of group loyalties is also in the asian interest as many asians in America, even if they were born here, feel more loyalty to their home countries of China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, etc than they do to America and this would be inconvenient if if were publicly discussed and America began acting rationally in its national self-interest. Public discussion of group interests is against the interests of every minority group in America, including asians. It is probably in Asian-Americans interests that whites don’t develop group interests in taking back a homogeneous white United States. Affirmative action is against asian interests. Law and order is in asian interests.

What are in white interests? Throughout the world, whites tend to vote for lower taxes, less welfare, strong law and order, and against affirmative action, because these policies are in the white interest.

What are Muslims interests in America? Freedom of religion, freedom from discrimination, freedom from group criticism, hate crime legislation, these are all in the Muslim interest in America today along with the interests of other similarly low IQs folks such as most blacks and latinos who want generous welfare and high taxation on high earners.

So are there Jewish interests? Yes. Jews are particularly concerned with the well-being of Israel. They’re increasingly skeptical of affirmative action and welfare and high taxation. They’re pro civil rights, pro gay, and pro oppressed minorities because they see themselves as a vulnerable minority. It’s in the Jewish interest to have Jews in important positions in society while simultaneously stigmatizing any discussion of Jewish influence and Jewish interests, aka ending the careers of all those who bring these things up.

It may well be in the Jewish interest to stigmatize any discussion of race being real because that might lead to discussion of whether every type of race is equally suited for living in the United States. It may well be in the Jewish interest to stigmatize whites from developing white interests because a homogeneous white America, like a homogeneous Nazi Germany, may well be hostile to Jewish interests. Almost all white nationalists hate Jews and almost all Jews hate white nationalists.

During the 1930s, there were Jewish interests in combating Nazi Germany and in shouting down anyone who talked about the existence of such things as Jewish interests.

A mature society would welcome free and open discussion of group interests.

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