Should We Retire The Word ‘Slut’?

* RE: Leading Jewish intellectuals. “They’re lost souls. Sodom and gomorrah got the best of them. They’re worshiping a golden calf of hedonism. Everyone on my israel trip was a hedonist. Pretty much everyone. it was depressing. I’m sick of it. I’ve been sick of it for years. I want to have higher evolution not animalistic degradation. “(Friend)

* Regarding those swastikas at UC Davis, a friend says, “Luke believes in free speech.”

* Chaim Amalek: “I have made several attempts to read the Koran over the years, none successful. Is the problem one of language, i.e., that the Koran has no “King James” version that sounds right to Western ears, or is it something else?”

* I had an Orthodox friend who had no problem using “shiksa” and “shaygetz” but he was offended by “Jewess.”

* A Jewess confesses: “My mother let me have my bf in my room in high school and my bf’s mother was outraged and confronted me about it. She was completely flabbergasted by it / me.”

* Non-Orthodox Jews tend to be more permissive than the goyim. My Jewess confesses: “All my old boyfriend’s (shaygetzes) mothers hated me. They thought I was corrupting and sexualizing their sons.”

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* No. It shouldn’t be retired.

In fact, it is becoming the “watchword”, the very word to bludgeon women into some sort of return to anything resembling reasonable behavior.

All men should know the tale tell signs of a slut, both behavioral and structural. Men should know how to glean those “breadcrumbs” she leaves along the path towards the truth of her sexual history from the stories and anecdotes of her past.

And men should be aware that based on that slut behavior, they should understand the bad choices she has made and is capable of continuing to make.

And to understand the enormous jeopardy for divorce that a man places himself in if he is stupid enough to commit to a slut.

And further he should realize the jeopardy both financially, structurally, emotionally, educationally, socially, and culturally that he exposes his future children is he commits to a slut.

And once he determines a woman is a slut, then he should dump her, and when she asks why, he should tell her

“Because you are a slut.”

* In my high school and college days slut was female equivalent of the n-word. Guys only used it among themselves, never among women, and we only used it when the woman was truly a slut. Girls only used it when they were seriously fighting… and after all other non-sexual derogatory terms had been used. There was an odd honor code to it.

* Looks like Columbia’s mattress girl was making it up.

* Classic Joan Rivers joke: “A man can sleep around, no questions asked, but if a woman makes nineteen or twenty mistakes she’s a tramp.”

* speaking of tina fey – fat chubby nebbish girl, who lost 40 pounds to be television pretty.
part german, and as she says works with teutonic efficiency. also, virgin until 24/25, only went out with one guy whom she married – the music director on 30 rock.

she was on howard stern recently, where she said gave a very sensible interview of how bad boys didn’t do anything for her at all. i actually get the feeling that she was quite jaded from watching too many girls get easy at various parties. very odd woman there.

* “Slut=a girl that won’t have sex with you but with someone else”

A popular aphorism among feminists, but inaccurate. The improved and reality-conforming version:

Slut = A girl who makes it difficult for more chaste girls to persuade their lovers to commit.

The science, for the sperg-inclined.

In internetland, where fun and games is dissecting large social and sexual trends, the slut theme is bandied about with flair by both sexes, but in the real world where men just want to “drink her milkshake up”, one rarely if ever hears a man toss the slut label directly at a woman. It is mostly women who slander their same-sex competition in that manner.

* Like most of the stuff Steve links to in the NYT, this doesn’t seem like its actual intent is to get people thinking. I just can’t imagine an adult woman, however liberal, asking another “So do you feel that the ability of the word slut to challenge patriarchal paradigms outweighs the microsubjugation of black women who may view it in a different context?” Just as past NYT pronouncements that “the debate on X is over” are all about stopping people from engaging in critical thought, this seems like a preview of an impending decision by people who are qualified in such things. It’s a notice to all the right-thinking feminist hangers-on that there’s a debate about something vaguely vagina-related and that everyone who’s in the know should self-censor until the big muckety-mucks at the top of the feminist food chain pass judgement, at which time the NYT will inform Planet Earth of their momentous ruling.

When a liberal says “We need to have a debate about X”, they generally aren’t using the word debate in the way the rest of us do. It’s kind of like when you’re twelve and your parents say “We need to have a conversation about X”. The actual talk is only going in one direction, and in the end you’ll be expected to tow whatever line your parents lay down. They only go to the trouble of framing it as a conversation out of some respect for your developing critical faculties, but they have no intention of giving you any sort of choice. Hyper-liberal news media basically treats the human race like twelve-year-olds.

The other thing that jumps out at me from the ‘slut-debate’ is that it seems like an effort on the part of feminists to associate their movement with civil-rights/black liberation. If blacks got to have their debate about the N-word, then feminists need to have their debate about some word, however ridiculous, because it associates their struggle with one higher on the victim totem-pole. I imagine that most feminist suffer from victim-envy of blacks. Whether or not this has any relevance to the sobbing tweenager who was just called a slut is neither here nor there.

All this is just a symptom of the fact that the highest virtue of liberalism in 2015 is being offended on behalf of other people who probably aren’t aware that they’re supposed to be offended, but don’t worry because liberals have it covered.

* A slut is a woman who is desperate to find a man who will pop the question. I know this may sound strange to a board with mostly male readers, but most women aren’t natural nymphomaniacs. They’re offering sex for a very particular reason.

The problem is that most sluts have something wrong with them (other than their sluttiness) that gives them a low value on the marriage market. They’re either a little too stupid, poor, crazy, inept, grating, demanding, plain, or just too silly and immature for a guy to make a commitment–and the sluts know it. So the slut keeps offering sex because she thinks she has little else to snag a man with.

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