Jews in Bed

A hot female Jewish friend of mine who’s been around says: “Your FB friend who says Asian women are willing to fuck Jewish men and pretend it was good. She’s off her rocker. I’ve had a good amount of sex with a fair number of partners, and Jewish men are by far the best in bed I’ve encountered.”

Jews are more at peace with the natural passions for sex, love, fame, money, honor, etc. Jewish women dent the bed. They have fewer hang-ups than shiksas, they are more experimental and wild. Jews seem to be more open to kink and to role playing.

Female friend: “Some of the guys I have been with were not so popular when they were younger, so they may have been naturally more focused on trying to please/win the girl than the popular conventionally handsome guy.”

“Technique for sure. The biggest difference was my ex (the man was beautiful and his body was a work of art, but the sex was bland and boring) and Yaakov (ugly troll but the best sex I’ve ever had). It may also have something to do with wit/intelligence–maybe it’s higher in Jewish men so that becomes part of it. There’s more playfulness/talk/charm with Jewish guys in bed.”

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