Marc Gafni’s Brother Dies In A Car Accident

REPORT: Staten Island, NY – Approximately 500 people turned out this morning at the Young Israel of Staten Island to bid farewell to Dovid Winiarz, a 49 year old local man known for his communal activities and his outreach efforts on Facebook, using social media to bring unaffiliated Jews back to their religious roots.
As previously reported on VIN News, Winiarz was killed in a fatal collision yesterday, caused by icy road conditions on his way to a kiruv convention in the Baltimore area.
Winiarz was eulogized by Reb Reuven Feinstein, Rabbi Dovid Harris, Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss, Rabbi Yaakov Lehrfeld, his sons Shaya and Eli, his son in law Yosef Simon, his brother Shmuel and his mother, Mrs. Chaya Subar.

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