Lara Logan Goes To Bat For Her Injured Cameraman



(Oct 9th, 2008 9:00AM PST)



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This year CBS News correspondent Lara Logan has gone from media darling to tabloid pariah.  Her brand of journalism has been besmirched by critics and at the same time trumpeted by her supporters.  As for her employer CBS News, they seem to like what she’s doing.  Logan was recently promoted to Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for the network and moved to Washington, DC from her ever-changing overseas datelines.  as CBS’s roving war reporter in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Here at ERS News we have reported on Logan extensively.  You can see our stories to date below.   They have run the gamut from CBS and Logan making a false claim (later retracted by CBS) that Logan interviewed a terrorist warlord on the run from U.S. forces in Afghanistan — to bogus PR claims about Logan having been the only American reporter in Baghdad when U.S. forces took control of the city in the 2003 invasion.   Just last week ERS broke the story of her CBS office furnishings, which include items taken from Iraq The biggest story media wise though has been Logan’s part in an Iraq love triangle scandal that has graced the pages of other mainstream media outlets – not ERS.

Lest anyone believe that The Enterprise Report has it in for Ms. Logan, we assure our readers we do not.  We just report the news, when it comes to us and we do it accurately and fairly.  Yesterday we received an email in our inbox that we found very interesting.

The story detailed the travails of Jehad Ali, an Iraqi cameraman and journalist, who in the course of doing his job, got an up-close and nearly fatal demonstration of the perils of practicing journalism in Baghdad in recent years.  It also explains how CBS reporter Lara Logan helped spearhead outside assistance to help the man get the medical treatment he needs.

The story comes from the Committee to Protect Journalists, a DC based organization that supports journalist and advocates for their safety in covering the news around the world.  Rather than retell the story you can read it for yourself. “A California Dream"

Logan who is quoted in the story saying,  “I was absolutely astounded by the response,” she said. Money poured in from friends, colleagues, and journalists, including big-name news anchors. By late summer, funds stood at around $50,000. “I was very proud,” Logan said. “Someone in Iraq in Jehad’s condition didn’t normally survive. But he had. He had no big network to take him on … no one to turn to. So I said, ‘Well, he’s a journalist and they have organizations.…’ That’s when I contacted CPJ.”

ERSNews is based in the Los Angeles area of Southern California.  We look forward to seeing Mr. Ali here in Southern California getting the chance to sit in LA’s famous traffic on his way to the hospital to get the much needed medical treatment he needs.

In our opinion it just goes to show that the “news” isn’t always bad. 

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