How To Improve Sports

I wish we had sports teams, particularly football teams, that fell entirely along racial and religious lines. Imagine a Jews vs Muslims contest, or jihadis vs lesbians, or blacks vs whites, or straights vs gays or Mexicans vs blacks.

Chaim Amalek: “Just think of what a Cowboys vs. Redskins game would be like.”

I want to see football played, only with spiked helmuts and half the players drawn from the ranks of Jewish media owners, bankers, lawyers, and gays.

And I want to see the heads of movies studios doing this for their kids, so that it can be turned into a movie and shown in cineplexes all over America.

The NY Times is trying to get football banned. Too heterosexual, too male, too dangerous.

Nebech, I do not care which group of giant-sized goyim carries the ball farther.

I would like to see them race Ben-Hur style at bar mitzvahs, with 13 year old boy jockeys beating them with whips as they race around an oval track.

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