Is Jewish Influence Waning?

A goy sodomite, Chris Hughes, has taken over The New Republic. Peter Beinart writes that it is no longer a Jewish magazine and that the influence of Jews is diminishing.

Chaim Amalek: “Yidden are getting softer and dumber year by year. It is a shanda that a publication as important as this was allowed to pass into the hands of a goy, and a gay goy at that.”

From comments to Steve Sailer:

* I think the evidence of waning influence is clear.

Their honored place in the D party is failing them. Barry Dunham hates them. The Ds have moved to befriend the Palestinians, the Black Jewish haters, etc. That seems clear.

Now, it might also be that the actually intellectual heft is what’s failing them. Lena Dunham and the crazy chick grievance movement isn’t exactly Irving Kristol or Wieseltier. Will the Jewish youth do their duty and come aboard? The deep state may be in their favor for now, but the guard is changing to the affirmative action candidates of color who are Marxist and n bed with CAIR.

* By the way, are the diverse white Americans allowed to lament their declining presence in the country they created?

* I wonder how many Haaretz readers smile at the thought of America’s most prestigious media outlets being dominated by Muslim editors.

* Thought experiment: declining Tribe influence as canary in coal mine, meaning warning of demographic shift out of the U.S.? If so, where to, for whom?

* I think a lot of the brawny zest has gone out of culture-oriented Jews. The blood’s gotten thinner. They’re as smart as ever, I guess, but previous generations of ‘em really, REALLY wanted to get to the top. They burst onto the American cultural scene and turned it upside down. Current Jewish youngsters are born into the cultural elite, and god knows they don’t give any indication of wanting to give up their position there. But they’re more spoiled and entitled than their parents and grandparents, and they lack some of the gusto for battle of the Trillings, Podhoretzes, Mailers, Fiedlers, Bellows, etc.

* I tend to read any technology or science article that looks remotely interesting I happen to see (not crap about Facebook or Ebay).

It’s been a trend to me for the last decade or so that the names you see are increasingly Oriental, Eastern European, or (Indian in some fields; not sure why physics isn’t popular with them but they sure seem to like computer science more).

Jews seem like they have totally bailed out of the sciences and technology. Of course non-Jewish whites bailed out before them (at least the ones that aren’t in the category I mentioned).

* Contemplate the feelings of the Jewish writers at TNR towards Chris Hughes. Hughes was raised in North Carolina, not New England, and his mother was a public school teacher and his father a paper saleman (think Dunder Mifflin). His background is probably more modest than every single writer at TNR, and yet they probably think of him as that privileged, blond, WASP whose family has been oppressing the Chosen People for generations.

* It’s interesting how he doesn’t mention blacks, despite the fact that blacks seem to aggressively pursue public intellectual positions and enjoy such roles as well as being promoted into such positions by non-blacks in the media. Ta-Nehisi Coates and other black media figures have been criticizing TNR recently over its alleged anti-black sentiment and have been gloating over its recent downsizing. I wonder if its deliberate on Beinart’s part.

* I come from the same background as what is still the majority of the United States. There are more people like me here still than any other. And yes, we are descended from the people who created this country. We are the real Americans and we are still, barely, the majority…

And yet:

Do I see names like mine on the bylines when I pick up a major paper or magazine? Hell no. Do I see people like me when I turn on my TV. Hell no. Do I see actors with names and backgrounds like mine portraying characters in movies that are supposed to be like me? Hell no. Do I see MY racial background represented in what I read, see and hear all around me in the multi-billion dollar media extravaganza in which I have no choice but to live? Hell No.

I can only wish to have such a high place of influence as Peter Beinart and the grotesquely disproportionate numbers like him. I wish I had his problems.

* Good to learn that he really is outright hostile. Maybe waning influence is a good thing and a lot of it is happening because people are wising up that the nice man always pontificating about morality can often be actively hostile.

* The odds that prominent Muslim intellectuals will take on a prominent role in American media are pretty good. Look at Europe – there are a number of fairly prominent Muslim writers and journalists in Germany and France. There is plenty of intellectual firepower among elite Turks, Iranians, Pakistanis and even Egyptians. Much more than you will find among Latino immigrants or Blacks.

* 1) Astonishing status-whoring, cloaked in a whining, plaintive persona;

2) I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Beinart’s been “integrating…Jewishness” into his work since his application to Yale (and probably earlier);

3) Anyone with the faintest knowledge of Jewish history (post-Haskalah) knows that Oxford has been a semi-official stop on the “Grand Tour” of elite, Anglosphere Jews…

4) In Beinart’s case, he might’ve actually kept his Jewishness to himself: he seems like the kind of guy who would’ve brought up his Rhodes Scholarship instead.

* After you reach the top, everything else feels like decline. This is what happens to US Jews: they suddenly realize they´ve made it, and that they pretty much rule the country like Wasps used to do, merely two generations ago.
From now on they can only lose power and influence, not gain more.
It feels lonely and dizzy at the top, with the sad realization that it´s all slowly downhill from that glorious moment on.

* Is it possible that Jewish Americans are just becoming less intelligent? I was struck by “After two years at Oxford, where being Jewish was considered something best kept to oneself”: was he really too stupid to notice the British convention that discussing your religion is bad manners? Nobody cares if you are a god-botherer, or of which variety, but they rather expect you to shut up about it in many social settings. That also applies also to aggressively anti-religious preaching, along the lines you sometimes get from anti-clerical people from Roman Catholic countries. This is one reason that the militant atheist Dawkins gets some people’s backs up: “Pipe down, chum” is their reaction “at least over dinner”. Happily, the interweb is available to use to use to shout the odds on such topics.

Afterthought: is he one of those people to whom one takes a dislike, and who attributes it to his Jewishness rather than to his own personality?

* At one point, the Japanese were definitely at the top of the pole, both in Asia and here. Nowadays, not so much. I get the idea that the Japanese are kind of like Jews and WASP’s- a bit on the decline. Also, unlike Koreans and Chinese, they don’t seem to have distributed across the country – they still seem really tied to California. That may explain why you don’t hear about Japanese in this country as much anymore- things have shifted away from California since the 80′s. They’re also immigrating to this country less than other Asian groups.

* Those who think that Jewish power will inevitably continue need to do some research on the Boycott Divest Sanctions movement. It’s huge on college campuses, and singles out Israel, from all the countries in the world, to boycott. Grad student unions across the country have voted to approve this, as have student governments.

Granted, Israel still has unconditional support in Congress and other places where it counts. But movements that begin as extreme campus phenomena have a way of eventually making their way to the mainstream, as the university brainwashes the next generation of elites.

* Obtaining influential positions in the media is determined in part by political and social power, and being able to enjoy affirmative action privileges and immunities is a form of political and social power. It’s not because of merit that all those Jews Beinart mentions hold prominent positions in the media while guys like Steve blog in relative obscurity.

* I think the relevant point is that Israel chooses to fight with one hand tied behind its back (and three fingers of the other hand chopped off) to limit civilian casualties. It’s a choice. Its quite obvious Hamas isn’t a formidable foe.

Hamas hasn’t achieved anything, and Israel hasn’t failed at anything. The rules of this game, which Israel chooses, cannot but lead to any outcome other than that, and the next round will be the same as long as the same rules apply.

Even in Lebanon 2006, Israel only did poorly within the context of the absurd rules it set itself. If it played by different rules, the war would have been a complete defeat of Hezbollah.

These min-wars that Israel has will continue to lead to inglorious, faintly embarrassing and ambiguous half-victories so long as these rules obtain, and the rules will only change if any of these groups become formidable enough to be a real threat to Israel’s existence.

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