Lessons From #ShirtStorm

The goyishe men watch sports as their country is stolen from under them. If only my tribe wasn’t going to pay a terrible price for stealing it, I could watch and laugh.

Essay: So a team of scientists landed a space probe on the surface of a comet for the very first time ever, and that’s not really news. What’s news is that one of the guys who did it was wearing a tacky shirt.

No, really. Heather Wilhelm has a good overview of the ensuing imbroglio, dubbed #ShirtStorm on Twitter. Since the shirt in question had cartoon images of scantily clad women, you see, it was deemed off-putting toward women in science.

Chaim Amalek: “What makes this possible is the fear of losing one’s employment, and what makes that so potent is the understanding that America’s economy, for ordinary people, sucks and has sucked for about 10 years. (Or maybe 40 years. That case can be made.) Lose a job these days, and unless you are a superstar among superstars in a very hot field, you are cooked. Plus, we now have McCarthy-style blacklists, enforced by the Media and the New Commissars of Human Resources, who themselves are typically clueless women fearful of making a mistake. And there is always an H1B visa holder out there willing to take your place for two thirds the pay. And that’s what this is really about. Control over you, control over me. Vladimir Putin must be pea green with envy.”

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