Why Not An American Ban On Illegal Workers?

Israel shows us the way once again on how to create a cohesive united country. Israel is the Jewish state and it conducts its affairs to benefit Jews. America should be an American state, conducting its affairs to benefit its majority white population.
If the goyim can learn from Zionism to unite in their ethnic self-interest, then Jews will be a major blessing to the world.

REPORT: An Israeli mayor has imposed a partial ban on employing Arab workers in his city in a sign of mounting security concerns after a surge in deadly Palestinian attacks.
Ashkelon Mayor Itamar Shimoni announced on Facebook that he was stopping “until further notice” the work of Arab laborers building bomb shelters in nursery schools in the city of 113,000, which is close to the Gaza Strip.
He also said guards would be posted at about 40 pre-schools near construction sites where Arabs work.
Many Israeli building workers come from the country’s Arab community, which makes up some 20 percent of the population, and Shimoni’s edict drew criticism from senior government officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu…
Shimoni brushed off the threat of legal action.
“Whoever thinks this is illegal can take me to the Supreme Court,” he told Channel Two television. “I prefer, at this time, to be taken to the Supreme Court, and not, God-forbid, to be taken to a funeral of a kindergarten child.”

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