Blacks, Whites, Jews & Asians Evolved Different Moralities

What causes tension between blacks, whites, asians and Jews? Some of the tension comes from clashes of interests. Other tensions come from different moral norms aka different hero systems. For instance, asians are more quiet than the rest of these groups, more orderly, more law-abiding and have more stable family structures.

The black guy who stole a football from a child last Sunday in New Orleans does not believe he did anything wrong because in his hero system, that behavior is not considered wrong, but in white places, it is thought wrong.


New Orleans Saints fan Tony Williams unwittingly turned into one of sports’ biggest villains Sunday when he intercepted a souvenir ball away from Cincinnati Bengals fan Christa Barrett, a moment that quickly went viral after being caught on CBS’ broadcast.

Williams, 70, was clearly surprised by the backlash that followed. A season-ticket holder since 1968, Williams has explained to several media outlets that he saw it as a ball that was up for grabs — just like maybe 100 others that he has seen in similar situations over the years. And he wanted to keep the ball for his 8-year-old grandson, who also was in attendance, which is why he wouldn’t give Barrett the ball when she pleaded for it afterward.

Plenty of whites and asians have done similar things to what Tony Williams did, so why am I talking about race? Because if you were to show them the video of what they did, I wonder which group would be most likely to say they were ashamed of their actions?


Tony Williams, the longtime Saints season ticket holder who on Sunday caught what has become a controversial touchdown relic, said Monday morning he kept it for his eight-year-old grandson, who plays football.

If Cincinnati Bengals fan Christa Barrett was a child or if the ball was handed to her, Williams added, he would have relinquished it, which Bengals receiver Jermaine Gresham threw into the stands following his one-yard TD reception.

Neither was true, so Mardi Gras rules applied.

“He tossed the ball,” said Williams, a Saints season ticket holder in the end zone since 1968. “It’s fair game, to me. My whole mindset was my grandson.”

Barrett pleaded for the football in front of a nationally-televised audience – he politely declined – actions which were replayed in social media: the poor, blonde Bengals fan, missing an opportunity at a game ball and the Saints fan, poker-faced, unwilling to surrender his prize.

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