If you were an Arab or Muslim, how would today’s stabbings in a Jerusalem shul make you feel?

Four rabbis were hacked to death in Jerusalem today. I think that if I were a Muslim or Arab, I would cheer those killings. I am, however, a Jew and therefore my heart breaks.

If I were an Arab or a Muslim, I’d stop at nothing to drive the Jews out of Palestine. I am, however, a Jew and therefore I want the Jews to stop at nothing to protect themselves in Israel.

I respect Arabs and Muslims and I respect their desires to rule what is now called the land of Israel, but I want a Jewish state of Israel.

Sometimes it is best that rival ethnic and religious groups separate.

Different groups have different interests. The interests of Jews, Arabs and Muslims are not identical. The interests of whites, Christians and Jews are not identical. Generally speaking, people prefer those who are genetically similar to them. Genetic differences is the primary cause of all conflict through all of time. The more diverse a population in a particular place, the more conflict and the less people trust each other. Compare, for instance, high trust rural Australia or Japan with low trust Los Angeles.

Daniel: “It is only Muslims from which decent people of all cultures need to separate. Jews have no problems with Christians, Hindus and Buddhists. Yet Muslims tend to antagonize and terrorize all of them and us. Muslims should not be allowed to live in any non Muslim country. There are more than 100 Muslim countries already. Let them stay there and allow their natural proclivity toward hate and violence affect only their fellow Muslims and shrink their population. They can shoot and blow each other up till their evil little hearts are content. This will allow Israel and other peaceful nations to enjoy less stressful, more productive lives.”

Chaim Amalek: “If we could gain control over the newspapers, radio, TV, magazines, and other media outlets of the Arab world, we could end strife there in a generation.”

Many of my Orthodox friends, including everybody I know in certain shuls, regard Baruch Goldstein as a hero. Wikipedia notes: “He is known for being the mass murderer who perpetrated the 1994 Cave of the Patriarchs massacre in the city of Hebron, killing 29 Palestinian Muslim worshipers and wounding another 125.”

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