Rabbi Antony Chanan Gordon’s Rav Pled Guilty To Fraud In September

According to Aish.com: “Rabbi Chanan (Antony) Gordon, is a former student of Rav Noach Weinberg, Z’tl and Aish Hatorah, Jerusalem. A Fulbright Scholar and graduate of the Harvard Law School, Chanan has been very involved in outreach since leaving Aish Hatorah including having co-authored (together with Richard Horowitz) the oft published demographic study and accompanying chart entitled “Will Your Grandchild Be Jewish.””


Rabbi Fishel Todd gave Antony Gordon semicha (conveyed the title of Orthodox rabbi upon him). Rabbi Fishel Todd is a famous expert in business ethics. Rabbi Fishel Todd teaches business ethics to holy Jews around the world, and attorneys can get CLE credits! Those who can help facilitate approval of this in their Respective states please let us know!!!

Please pay no attention to the recent $9 million fraud judgment against Antony Gordon aka Rabbi Chanan Chanen Channen Gordon. The desire to know about such things comes from the citra acura and it is precisely this lashon hara that destroyed the Second Temple.

This is truly the year to kick it with tefilla and Torah study and business ethics! Baruch HaShem! When Moshiach comes, the goyim will plead with us to steal their money and to charge them big bucks for lessons in business ethics for CLE credits!

Let’s get some tools now so that we can cleave to the Almighty through our humble prayers. This is a must for every jew, teacher and will be our worldwide theme for the upcoming Yom Tovim. this is the year of Teffilla!!!!!!!!

The goyim should be jolly grateful when we take their money and use it for holy ends. It’s like when you slaughter a cow according to the laws of kosher and then eat it according to the laws of kosher. For that cow to give up his life to feed a holy Jew, that is a great merit for the cow. That is why the cow was created. And the goyim? They were created to carry our bags and to sweep our floors and to give us money and if we slit their throats in a business deal with our superior Jewish brains, well, that is a great merit for them to have the privilege of being screwed by a member of God’s Chosen People. The world’s great escorts should be so lucky as to be screwed in such a manner. Everything that happens in the world is for the Jewish people. When you see a drunk one-legged Puerto Rican hopping down the street, that is a message from HaShem for Klal Yisrael!

From the holy website shemayisrael.com in 2005:

Dear L.A. Chabura

R’ Fishel Todd will be spending this coming Shabbos in Los Angeles at the Home of R’ Chanen Gordon.

Chanan will be arranging for R’ Fishel to speak to all who want to visit with him, probably Motzei Shabbos.

A reminder of our new programs starting in sept in Business Ethics (we’re working on getting C.L.E. credits For attorneys) those who in their respective states who could help facilitate approval of this in their Respective states please let us know.

In addition R’ Channen will be kicking Hilchos Pesach (Semicha Program
level) for those that want.

Finally, we are introducing a program on how to daven – The Roadmap to
Prayer, An attachment of the Soul.

A mini course, given by R’ Leibe Landsman of the Lakewood Kollel in Detroit which will have 24 lessons, stickers to be put in your Siddur, charts and an audio shiur.

This is a must for every jew, teacher and will be our worldwide theme for the upcoming Yom Tovim. this is the year of Teffilla, but just saying

We’re going to try harder to daven is only words without tools to do so
with. Just go to the www.shemayisrael.com to signup.

To meet R’ Todd just write to gordon18 at aol.com

Sept. 10, 2014: The Star Press reports:

Attorney linked to BSU scandal prosecuted

MUNCIE – An attorney involved in the Ball State University investment scandal pleaded guilty this week to his role in an unrelated scheme that defrauded investors during the sale of Facebook stock to the public.

Seven people linked to the BSU ripoff have now been either convicted, disbarred, sued for fraud or gone bankrupt.

The latest is Fred Todd, aka Rabbi Fishel Todd, 61, Lakewood, N.J. He pleaded guilty in federal court in Trenton on Tuesday to receiving millions of dollars from investors who believed they were buying large blocks of Facebook shares prior to the company’s initial public offering in May of 2012.

Todd and co-conspirators did not have access to the shares and kept the money for themselves.

Todd’s law firm, Todd, Ferentz, Schwarcz and Rimberg, Los Angeles, represented Sterling Capital, a Los Angeles asset manager that was one of the parties with which Ball State invested $5 million in a fraudulent U.S Treasury STRIPS program during 2010.

In October of that year, Gale Prizevoits, then director of cash and investments at BSU, pressured Sterling Capital’s Frank Saez to falsify a document he was asked to send to the State Board of Accounts to certify the safekeeping of the university’s investment.

According to emails seized from Prizevoits’ home computer by BSU officials a year later, Saez had agreed to falsify the document after consulting Todd.

“The attached is per our discussion with you and attorney Fred Todd, I hope that this meets your requirements,” Saez wrote to Prizevoits on Oct. 7, 2010.

(The Star Press will publish a separate story on that incident later this week).

Prizevoits was fired from her $84,437 job by BSU President Jo Ann Gora for “incompetence, dishonesty, substantial and manifest neglect of duty, willful disobedience of university rules and regulations and gross misconduct.”

She has not been charged with any crime by federal prosecutors, but Ball State officials said this summer they planned to present evidence to Delaware County Prosecutor Jeff Arnold to determine whether she committed any offenses under state law.

However, Arnold recently told The Star Press: “I have no involvement or knowledge of any investigation that is ongoing.”

Tom Taylor, vice president for marketing at Ball State, said in an interview this week that the university decided to postpone approaching Arnold until after Deborah Daniels completes her investigation of the scandal.

A former federal prosecutor, Daniels was hired by Indianapolis attorney Rick Hall, chairman of the Ball State board of trustees, to conduct an independent investigation of the $13.1 million in investments that Ball State lost when Prizevoits directed investments.

Taylor said he expects a report from Daniels to be completed and presented to the public within a month.

In the wake of the scandal, law enforcement action has been taken against Todd and six others:

• Seth Beoku Betts, Boynton Beach, Fla., pleaded guilty to securities fraud for his role in stealing funds from Ball State in a collateralized mortgage obligation (CMO) scheme.

• George Montolio, Bronx, N.Y., pleaded guilty to wire fraud for his role in stealing funds from Ball State in the T-STRIPS scheme.

• Jon Divens, an attorney from Beverly Hills, Calif., was disbarred for ripping off Betts.

• George Charles Cody Price, who hosted a radio show in San Diego called “The Wealth Weekend Hour,” is defending himself against a fraud lawsuit brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Betts had consulted Price for assistance with the BSU investment. The SEC claims Price concealed from investors the actual performance of their investment in one of the riskiest tranches of CMOs on the market. The lawsuit is not related to the Ball State fraud.

• In 2012, San Diego attorney H. Bruce Abbott and other defendants were sued in federal court by Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance Co. over an alleged “stranger-oriented life insurance” scheme. The alleged scheme is a “morbid and speculative” investment vehicle purchased with the intent of eventually transferring ownership to investors. Abbott was eventually dismissed from the litigation, which was settled out of court. He represented Blackhawk Wealth Solutions when Prizevoits invested $5 million of Ball State funds in suppsoed T-STRIPS. Prizevoits and Abbott communicated by email about BSU’s investment.

• Peter Sollenne, a self-proclaimed “industry leader in wealth preservation” from Carlsbad, Calif., has not been charged but he has gone bankrupt. He was the principal of Blackhawk Wealth Solutions with whom BSU invested $5 million in supposed T-STRIPS.

Failed Messiah reports: Haredi Rabbi Fred “Fishel” Todd of Lakewood, New Jersey vetted chaplains for the US Military and ran a smicha (rabbinic ordination) program. He also helped haredi über-scammer Eliyahu Weinstein steal millions of dollars. When caught, Todd acted as a cooperating witness against Weinstein and the other coconspirators in the scheme. And now Todd has been linked to another fraud, this time one committed against Ball State University in Indiana.

I’ve been told by two sources (and seen some documentation to support the claim) that the US Military is now denying Todd ever held any rank or is associated with the US Military in any way, and is in the process of notifying its chaplain corps of this.

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