WP: ‘I’m a black woman with a white husband. People assume I’m a prostitute all the time.’

Why would people assume that a beautiful black woman with an ugly white guy is a hooker? Because blacks and whites, in general, occupy opposite parts of the socio-economic spectrum and so people rationally assume that when you have a hot black chick on the arm of an ugly white guy, it’s because he’s buying her for sex.

People would assume something similar if she was a hot white woman on the arm of an ugly white guy.

Even though there are plenty of individual exceptions, being black or or Mexican screams “low class” in America today, just like a Cockney accent in England screams “low class.” If an upper-class Brit is seen with a working class girl, it is often assumed she’s a hooker, whatever her color. Why would a guy who graduated from Oxford or MIT hang out with a girl who couldn’t spell “differentiate”?

WP: “Recently, Ebony editor Jamilah Lemieux wrote on Twitter, “RT if you are a Black woman (trans or cis) and have been assumed to be a sex worker by a White man.” It was retweeted more than 150 times.”

Steve Sailer wrote in 1997: “The heart of the problem for Asian men and black women is that intermarriage does not treat every sex/race combination equally: on average, it has offered black men and Asian women new opportunities for finding mates among whites, while exposing Asian men and black women to new competition from whites.”

Nature has color-coded people so we can make smart decisions in a split-second.

I know a married Orthodox woman who has a PhD in Dance. When this fact is mentioned in Orthodox life, it is usually greeted with comments such as, “On a pole?”

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