Man Smacks The Soul Out Of Girl That Was Clowning Him On The NY Subway

If they try the guy, I don’t know where they are going to find a juror willing to convict him. He was just defending himself against an attack.

There is so much video out there of black women doing this that you could start a cable channel with it.

The whites fled this scene before the fight started.

Chaim Amalek: “I’m sure the same thing happens with equal frequency on the Tokyo subway.”

“On behalf of the ADL, I call upon you to remove the link to that hateful video. Nothing good can come from presenting such material to others who may lack the proper societal context in which to understand it. Take it down, Luke, now.”

NewYorkDailyNews: “The YouTube video shows a young woman getting slapped after taunting a man on the F train, sparking a wild fight en route to Washington Square station. The NYPD said four people were arrested after the video went viral.”

Jack comments: No wonder why world statistics list American black women as being the least desired and wanted women on the planet. They are foul-mouth ugly bitches with zero class, zero lady-like demeanor, zero respectability.

How could any man on the planet want to be with them? I would be too embarrassed to introduce them to family or friends let alone take them to a nice classy restaurant. I mean really, you can not get more ugly, disrespectful, classless and uncivilized then those hoodrats.

TOPHER writes: As a woman I just want to say THANK GOD someone nailed this issue. I don’t condone violence. I also don’t condone women who think they can beat up on men and say whatever they want and be as disrespectful as they want and they can just get away with it because men shouldn’t hit a lady. Well I didn’t see any ladies in this video so I am not mad at what happened to her. Hopefully she learned a lesson to act like a lady and that won’t happen again. 

Danielle: Who is she to make fun of him on how he dresses? Bitch you take the damn subway! Do something with your ghetto self! 

HALF: That hand came down upon her face with the power of 1000 dead pimps.

SHIZ: If bitches these days expect equal rights they better expect equal lefts too!

Kemet: I don’t believe in hitting women but this needs to go viral as the shinning example of why a man would strike a female. I have absolutely no sympathy for that lady. I hope she learn some humility that day.

KA BOOM: “Funny how the areas where people act like this always overwhelmingly vote Democrat.”

US: Empirical Evidence: Minorities have made transportation systems very dangerous.

JSOUCY21: And that’s why I find gender equality it a joke. It’s just not feasible, unlike racial issues, men and women are different! Clear physical difference and quite a few physiological differences.

I personally don’t have a problem with most gender double standards for that reason. But as I said, while I think men should show restraint in these situations….the chick had it coming and it felt good to watch.

GWEEN: It’s a normal reaction after being hit so hard and disrespected for so long. “Man of his time”? I doubt culture had influence on his natural reaction. Especially after being yelled at so many times. When did you hear him insulting her back? She was harassing him and to encourage her behavior, which you are doing, is doing the wrong thing. She relentlessly insulted him and you claim you’re not blaming him.

Chaim Amalek to me: “Sorry, but you were not there. There is such a thing as a man exerting his White Privilege and Male Domination in a way that women correctly find threatening. Perhaps she was simply responding, in a rationally pre-emptive way, to the very real social threat she was facing.”


What began as a young woman taunting a man on the F-train in Greenwich Village devolved into a wild subway brawl that left four people in cuffs early Saturday, according to police video footage of the melee.

Danay Howard, 21, is seen in a video posted to Youtube on Saturday being egged on by friends as she taunts Jorge Pena, 25, over his style sense on the uptown bound F train near W. 4th St. shortly before 5 a.m., police said.

Pena, who is seen in the video wearing a red, white, and black 8 Ball leather jacket and a fur hat, at first nods and smiles, but things soon turn ugly, the video shows.

“You got a bum ass eight ball jacket that came out in 1990,” Howard said to Pena before telling him to “just get your money up, simple.”

Eventually, the man filming the incident caught Howard and her cohorts attention. The three women jump up from their seat and knock the phone from his hands twice.

Moments later, as Pena’s face is off camera, a male voice is heard calling Howard a “dirty b—-”.

“What’d you call me?” Howard yells as she swings a leopard print high-heel and strikes Pena in the head, the video shows.

Pena then turns and slaps Howard across the face.

The blow knocks the woman back five feet as another man jumps in and exchange punches with the attacker as chaos breaks out on the train.

Howard and Pena were arrested at the W. 4th St. subway station around 5 a.m. along with Kevin Gil, 21, and Shanique Campbell, 20, who were apparently supporting Howard and had jumped into the melee after the slap, police said.

Pena, Gil, and Campbell were charged with misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct, police said.

Howard was charged with felony assault for using a weapon – the shoe – in the attack.

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