If Israel Wants To Be The Jewish State, Then All Jews Anywhere Become Targets

When Israel is at war, synagogues around the world as well as individual Jews have to take greater precautions and hire more security guards. Why? Because if Israel wants to identify as the Jewish state, all Jews become targets of those who hate Israel.

In almost all of the world except America and Israel, Zionist is a dirty word. In Judaism, most Jews (though few of the most religious Jews) believe in a national state located in Zion for the Jewish people.


Hours after the attempted arson of a Paris kosher restaurant, a group of French teenagers assaulted a Jewish adolescent outside a school

The assault happened Thursday in the 3rd arrondissement, or district, 500 yards north of Bastille, in front of the private high school Progress, which has a large number of Jewish students.

The victim, who was wearing a kippah, was standing in front of the school with some friends when a group of approximately 15 youths of African descent ages 16-19 assaulted him, according to a report of the incident by the National Bureau for Vigilance against Anti-Semitism, or BNVCA.

It is bizarre to call these Africans French. I assume they are Muslims.

A friend tells me: “We should find out which country these thugs and their parents immigrated from, let HIAS know so they can bring in hundred of thousands of them to Chicago, NY, and NJ. Then when there are ever-increasing problems, blame it on rising “American” anti-semitism.”

Latinos have the highest rate of anti-Semitism of any group in America and they make up the majority of those who would be given a legal right to live in America despite coming here illegally under an amnesty bill.

The ADL reported in 2011:

The poll also looked at anti-Semitic views among significantly large minority groups:

Hispanics: Once again, Hispanic Americans born outside of the U.S. are more likely than Hispanics born in the U.S. to hold anti-Semitic views. According to the survey, 42 percent of foreign-born Hispanics hold anti-Semitic views, as opposed to 20 percent of U.S. born Hispanics.
African-Americans: In the past four years, anti-Semitic views among the African-American population have remained steady, but are consistently higher than the general population. In 2011, 29 percent of African-Americans expressed strongly anti-Semitic views. That percentage is consistent with the findings of past surveys.
The steady growth of the Hispanic population, now at 15 percent of the adult population, means that Hispanics and African-Americans together now comprise 27 percent of the American population, a number that is sure to grow in the coming years. This population increase of the cohorts with a substantially higher percentage of anti-Semitic beliefs than the total population also means that anti-Semitic propensities in the coming years will be a challenge, according to the ADL poll.

Oh well, a stranger is just a friend you have yet to make.

Chaim Amalek: “I’m just a liberal softie at heart. Wouldn’t it be something if the government of Israel opened up its borders to these people and embraced the endless benefits of diversity? The first of these benefits is that it would silence its critics on the left in Europe once and for all.”

“So? Once they settle here and watch the television shows and movies we make for them (or should, or might), they will come to love us even as they hate their true enemy, the White man and woman.”

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