Why Not A Homeland For Gays?

We have gay friendly hotels. I propose hotels that are white friendly, haredi friendly, hooker friendly, black friendly, etc.

Chaim Amalek: And speaking of gay friendly hotels, why is there no homeland for homosexuals as is there is for Jews? Sure, Jews live all over — as do gays — but they also know that there is one place on earth, Israel, where they are top dog, no matter what the goyim think or want or say. Why don’t gays have a similar homeland they can flee to when the need arises? Because Zionism isn’t just for Jews!

Who will be the founding leader of the Gays? And what shall we call them? Gayonists? Gayonism. Yes, I like it. Today, here, right now, is born the World Gayonist Movement.

Lesbians will not be allowed in as they tend not to play well with others and are so irritating.

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