Rescuing McCain/Palin

The NJG:  Luke, I think the McCain/Palin people need your help
Luzdedos1:  how?
The NJG:  try to dig dig dig up things on Bill Ayers
The NJG:  You have the ability to make it readable
The NJG:  I’m voting for McCain again, Palin did well in the debate, I liked her
The NJG:  I want to know WHAT Ayers did
The NJG:  and WHY he was hired – wasn’t he hired at a University?  A government university?
The NJG:  McCain is losing in the polls right now
The NJG:  it’s bad
The NJG:  I checked Real Clear Politics
The NJG:  all the polls are down down down
The NJG:  the RNC has something up but it’s UNREADABLE
The NJG:  it’s linked from drudge I think, but it’s AWFUL
The NJG:  you’re good at this stuff, you’re an investigative journo
The NJG:  and a LOT of people read you
The NJG:  don’t people at the LAT read you?
The NJG:  then you know, once you get all the stuff down
The NJG:  sell the story to the LA Herald
The NJG:  or or something
The NJG:  or a Murdoch paper
The NJG:  it must be done
The NJG:  the Ayers thing CAN sink Obama
The NJG:  Ayers IS a terrorist
The NJG:  check youtube vids
The NJG:  stuff at FR
The NJG:  etc
The NJG:  there’s a LOT out there on him, but it’s disorganized
The NJG:  which is probably what they want
The NJG:  you’re clear and concise
The NJG:  we must win
The NJG:  we can not let someone with ties to a terrorist run our country
The NJG:  Ayers scandal can bring down Obama
The NJG:  also you know, then contact the RNC
The NJG:  you can do it
The NJG:  make youtube videos of ayers
The NJG:  you’re talented
The NJG:  I found something on Ayers
The NJG:  he was responsible for 30 bombs
The NJG: The NJG:  the charges against Ayers were dropped!!
The NJG: The NJG:  must have been Leftist people who let this one slide
The NJG:  he ADMITTED to detonating 30 bombs!
The NJG:  "They bombed the Pentagon, the Capitol, and other buildings. He_s never apologized for that.’"
The NJG:  omg
The NJG:  omg
The NJG:  and that cow Bernadine Dohrn is his WIFE
The NJG:  we need to find out about all the bombings she did
The NJG:  these are the people Obama associates with

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