Should Nationalists Talk To Jews & Muslims?

On September 21, 2013, I spoke about Islam with Tom Sunic in Beverly Hills. American nationalist Rodney Martin condemned Sunic for the public dialogue (which was put together by Charles Edward Lincoln, a former organizer for David Duke).

On October 3, Lincoln and Martin did a podcast about nationalism and the Jews. Here are some excerpts:

Rodney: “…The same type of chicanery they did in Weimar.”

Charles: “You have a lot in common with conservatives Jews.”

Rodney: “There are all sorts of [degeneracy], porn, lowering the age of consent, prostitution, lowering the age of consent… The hand print of Jews are all over that sexual decadence in the United States… The whole homosexual agenda…which is pushed by Jews. Not only did Jews create NAACP to direct black action against white people, but they started a whole host of homosexual organizations to promote the homosexual agenda.”

Charles: “Don’t say all Jews because this is precisely the point on which you and [this Orthodox rabbi] agree. He totally agrees with you about homosexuality and he totally agrees with you about feminism. He totally agrees with you about the traditional structure of the family. He is having trouble maintaining such things even within the Orthodox Jewish community here in Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles. He sees people in his group who are totally deviating. He agreed with me in private that it was largely Jews in Hollywood who were pushing the degeneracy.”

Rodney: “Has the rabbi ever made in public a statement that we Jews have some culpability here? Instead of screaming anti-Semitism whenever somebody criticizes Jewish actions, maybe Jews should engage in some self-reflection?”

“You’re a guest in these western nations and when you try to rewire an entire society, the vast majority of Jews push policies in other nations that they expressly forbid in the State of Israel?”

Charles: “That’s obviously true too. I despise that sort of behavior… Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most extraordinary Jews I’ve met in my life — Gilad Atzmon… He admits that Jews have a split personality. That they have major psychological problems about whether they belong or don’t belong.”

“The rabbi has said that Jews have to take responsibility for their own moral decay and that is what he is trying to fight in one of the most degenerate Jewish communities in the Western world, West Los Angeles. Is he going to turn around and attack Israel or Zionism or the Jewish elite in Beverly Hills? No, because he in unpopular enough as is.”

Rodney: “Should there be a dialogue between Jews and the white nationalist community? What good can come out of it?”

Charles: “Higher profile for us. Better media coverage… If we talk to these people, we are going to get more coverage… Any time we engage with people who control the media, it is more likely our views will be heard. If we are willing to talk to people who have more money, more power and more political pull than we do, we will begin to be taken more seriously. If you want to talk about the corruption in the banks, you’ve got to talk to the bankers. If you want to talk about the corruption in Hollywood, you’ve got to talk to the people who run Hollywood.”

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