Every Group Should Have To Make Its Case To Its Host Nation

It’s not unusual for a struggling business to ask all of its employees to make the case for why they should retain their jobs.

I think individuals and groups should think the same way about their relationship to their host nation. They should not take their citizenship for granted.

I suspect that in their heart of hearts, most Americans are skeptical of low IQ blacks and Muslims and Mexicans and Central Americans (I think fewer than 10% of Americans would like their country free of Jews). Therefore, I think it would be a good idea if blacks, Mexicans, Muslims and all minority groups in America, including Jews, Chinese, Japanese, Armenians, etc, took preemptive action and made their case to the rest of the country through righteous living.

As a Jew, I think Jews make tremendous contributions to America and it would not be too difficult to argue why we should continue to be a valued part of the country. And if our critics wanted to argue otherwise, I would welcome that debate. Are most Jews on welfare? Do Jews commit crimes at a high rate? No, in fact we do those things at a lower rate than the average American. Do Jews innovate and start businesses and invent technologies and make medical advances? Yes, in large numbers.

Blacks made their own distinctive contributions to America (such as in faith, sports, entertainment, music, literature, etc) but as with all groups, they also create trouble. Young black males commit violent crime at a rate 23 times the general population. Blacks in general commit all types of crime (except the highest IQ crimes) at a much higher rate than the average, are on welfare at a higher rate than the average, have a higher rate of out of wedlock births and of STDs and other social pathologies than the average white American.

I think America would be a better place if we started thinking about how our actions affected the country. Is our group holding its end up? How would blacks behave if their future in the United States depended on living up to a standard that they be more of a blessing than a curse? How would Muslims behave? I may be biased, but I have no doubt that Jews are more of a blessing than a curse to America (but Jewish intellectuals and organizations who push left-wing craziness such as immigration amnesty are a curse to this country).

How would minority groups behave if their very future in America depended on reducing their crime rate below the national average, reducing their out of wedlock births to below the national average, reducing their welfare dependency below the national average, reducing their STD rate below the national average and raising their IQ (through eugenics) above the national average?

For the past 50 years, America has bent over backwards to accommodate its minorities. I think it is time that America’s minorities start bending to the norms of the majority. There’s a saying in the Talmud that when you come to a town, you follow its customs.

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