In The Manhattan TV Show, A Jewess Tries To Corrupt A Christian Lad

In episode ten of season one, a rebellious Jewess makes out with a Christian lad on a bed. She unbuckles his belt. He protests.

Christian: “We should stop.”
Jew: “Why?”
Christian: “Because this is wrong.”
Jew: “Put to death what is earthly in you.”
She kisses him. “Sexual immorality.”
Another kiss. “Impurity.”
Another kiss. “Passion.”
She smiles. He’s bewildered and frightened. She kisses him again and says, “Evil desire. Think I don’t pay attention in Bible study?”
Christian: “To the words, maybe, but not to the meaning.”
Jew: “Well, I just don’t happen to think desire is evil. If there is a God, He gave us genitals for a reason.”
He pushes her away. “This isn’t it.”
She sighs. “I’m trying to understand your point of view. The least you can do is meet me halfway.”
Christian: “Fornication isn’t halfway.”

I’ve never heard a Jew use the word “fornication” without cracking up.

I think this scene illustrates some important Jewish-Christian dynamics. Jews tend to have a more pragmatic relationship to the natural passions while maintaining greater ethnic solidarity than the goyim.

It’s important that I spin my interpretation in a way that makes Jews look good. I can get away with anything if I spin it in a way that makes Jews look good.

Here it is. I’ve got it — this brave Jewess is trying to enlighten the dumb goy.

On another note, I watch this particular show late at night when I can’t sleep because it is so shoddy, it eases me into sleep.

Chaim Amalek writes: “True Yom Kippur facts: Dumb white nationalists are fond of addressing one another with “88” as “H” is the 8th letter of the alphabet, it stands for “Hail Hitler”. But did you know that the Gematria of “Adolf Hitler” is that similarly, it can be symbolized by “18” which the the same for “life”?”

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